Carousel: Week Ending 26th November 2010

The Second Most Beautiful Girl in New York about gorgeous transsexuals.

I loved looking at National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010. Jaw-dropping!

Last Friday night, we settled in to watch The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield. It is… incredible. She’s all, “I really wish I lived in Roman times, I hear all their parties turned into… orgies!” in that breathless voice. Definitely worth watching. Plus, there are boob contests & secret transvestite clubs in Paris. Watch!

Less light-hearted, Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam is an intriguing look at the world of Heidi Fleiss & her various business contacts. I was very young when she got busted, so never knew much about it. It’s a fascinating story.

Want to know more about how to up your personal charisma levels? Me too! Bill Clinton Reality Distortion Field has you covered!

“The Dark Crystal” Collection. Thanks to Kim for the link!

In correlation with the release of The Dark Crystal a clothing collection was made. Several of the artists involved in the fabrication of the film’s puppets and costumes went on to collaborate on a collection of garments inspired by the film.

Jellyfish by Andrea Gibson, aka Gibby! Thanks Shannon!

More about the TSA: Civil liberties–now with more privileged people! Yeah, good point. Thanks Amika for the link! Also, what transgender people need to know about TSA’s procedures. Additionally, the ACLU has a form where you can automatically email your senator, Congress & the DHS Secretary. Fill it out here. I did!

Dogs don’t understand basic concepts… like moving. SO funny. Major lolfest.

Cars sliding while driving in Seattle. Um… goodness. Watch out for the bus!

What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space.

Karl Lagerfeld to design for Macy’s! NO KIDDING!

“It Gets Better” — Love, Pixar. Awwwww! Too lovely.

What happened in my birth year?

I love this gorgeous trash the dress shoot in Paris! I want to stand on top of that PARIS sign too!

I didn’t know that FOUND magazine had content online! What a good day. FOUND is amazing, one of the greatest magazines ever. If you’ve never read it, you should!

I have everything. My life is empty. Sound advice from Cary Tennis, & especially apt on Black Friday!

Holt Continues to Question Science, Effectiveness of TSA Full Body Scanners.

Anti-bullying starts in first grade is a story about a girl called Katie who loves Star Wars, & gets bullied by boys because of it. The comments are so heart-warming! Go Katie! Thanks to Rachel for the link!

Life as a transsexual comedian by Bethany Black, via Ruth!

Jenny told me about tonematrix, where you click on the squares to make pictures & music!

In Japan, a chihuahua named Momo just became a police dog! Thanks Victoriaaaa!

Ideas for lady dates courtesy of Michelle!

Life At American Apparel: The Employees Speak via Julia. Um…

girls have been told to grow out their eyebrows. formal warnings have been handed out for having chipped nail varnish. we have been told not to hire guys to work on shopfloor.
to hire someone we have to take their photo (one close up, one full length) and send it to requesting that they be “approved.” Girls with short hair, fringes, heavy make up will not be approved. guys will only be approved to work in backstock. interviews/experience/talent is not required. this goes for manager and visual merchandiser jobs also.

101 Ways To Have A Great Day! Thanks Danielle!

Why I quit my job to travel around the world! Sounds perfect to me! Link courtesy of the ever-wonderful Sri!

Out Of Your Box!


Enjoy your weekend, gorgeous!