Carousel — Week Ending 26th September 2008

Agyness Deyn for POP. I loooove this photoshoot, which consists of her falling off buildings. It’s so, so good!

Be with Her Now from Sera Beak. Destroy all limits with love.

I met Janelle from Sans Artifice outside the tents at Bryant Park during fashion week. When I got home, I checked out her website & liked what I saw! She writes about fashion, style & aesthetics in a very clear, clever, easily digestible way. I recommend it, yes I do!

Kris Carr is fucking amazing (pardon my French).

At a signing last week a young girl listen to me speak as tears flowed from her soul windows. When it was Q&A time she asked “how do you do take care of yourself if you don’t like yourself, your body?” I wanted to walk over and hug the hate right out of her. “But you are God. You are Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, Etc. You are a Divine vessel sweet lady. How can you hate u? This sack is just your vehicle. Nothing more. Your job while clonking around in sneakers is to feel the love and shine it out, that’s all. Because when we go back to the universal disco we bring more positive energy to the soup. We recharge the universal gigawatt! If we choose not to love this time then perhaps we have to do it all over again. No judgment, only opportunity.”

On Striped Rights from Coilhouse — sweet reminiscing about the striped tight phenomenon!

Daul Kim = Amy Winehouse? What do you think about the way Amy’s look has impacted on the fashion world?

The Regal Twelve by Alexia Sinclair.

Nubby Twiglet writes about The Power of Personal Branding — a great article which she started writing at the Blog World Expo (I know, ’cause I saw her typing away!).

Want some good, fun fiction to read? How about The Grimy Amours of Gertrude? It’s a serial novel by a nonpareil called Kelly, & I love it! She has a wicked sense of humour, & she releases chapters three times a week for free — how could you possibly resist?

Kelly, whose parents would kill her if she released her last name online, is a senior at an all-girls high school that is not unlike Sister Chastity’s Youth Nunnery. Working on the school newspaper helps pass the time while she waits for the vampires to invade. But if she fails to woo the bloodsuckers, she is fully prepared to outrun them: by some sick joke, the newspaper office is in the basement, while the printer is on the third floor. She probably isn’t tortured enough to date a vampire anyway, seeing as her biggest psychological scar is probably that 68% she once earned on a fourth grade math test.

Our nonpareils are a talented bunch! Jessie Ngaio is having an exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, & she’s a super girl! If you’re in town, go & check it out!

More fabulous Melbourne happenings: Euchronia, a new year’s ball with a neo-Victorian & steampunk bent! There are three sound-spaces, as well as DJs & live performances, & it is going to be amazing! It’s being organised by my friend Cass & I know it will be brilliant! Get your tickets now now now!

A selection of well-dressed girls for your perusal: Pandora, Karla’s Closet, Fashion Toast, Jessica Schroeder & Lulu!

How To Take Gorgeous Self Portraits from Independent Fashion Bloggers.

Our very own Annie Spandex is giving away a Vivienne Westwood handbag to help raise money & awareness for cancer research! Have a look! Also, oh my god, she does dachshund outfit posts! My life is complete!

I don’t really know what is happening in this photoshoot but it has an eye-patch & really big hair in it, so I’m happy!

Moleskine Notebooks: The Ultimate Guide (& how to rank your addiction) from Put Things Off, & thanks to Nadine for zee link!

For hardcore Twitter geeks only: add symbols to your tweets! (Thanks, Kakeline!)

Feeling Sexy In An Unsexy World is a column by Violet about pole-dancing lessons. I like it.

“My goal is just to have every woman leaving here able to walk into a room like a powerful woman.”

Diesel’s amazing new ad campaign, Safe For Work is a mix of porn & cartoons — but it is totally safe for work! I love it. Thanks again, Violet!

& finally… this is so great I had to share it with you.