Carousel — Week Ending 27th February 2009

Happy Friday baby!

Blueprint’s blog is hilarious.

Stuff White People Like: #107 Self Aware Hip Hop References. Sad, but true. Cringe-o-rama.

Do I get a cupcake too?

7 Tried & True Ways To Stifle Your Creativity from Christine Kane’s blog.


Seven Things Virgos Hate About You by Mystic Medusa. Too true.

Animal ears are chic. But of course… we knew that already!

Via JAK & JIL: Kate Lanphear = mad lady crush, & Rad Hourani is… well, rad.

Tina Su — who I have never met in person but have communicated with a bunch — got married! CONGRATULATIONS, little lady! What she wrote about it is fabulous too, & her “lessons on finding love” couldn’t be more on-point. For more on that subject, she also recently wrote How To Find True Love, which has information about problematic relationship patterns, identifying your must-haves, choosing the right person & of course, loving yourself first! If you’re on the opposite side of the coin right now, How To Get Over Breakups might be just what you need.

You already read Le Love, right? I like this photo so much.

I’m not sure if I’ve linked this before, but .ikandi. is a very pretty Tumblr blog. Not always safe for work, though!

Coilhouse introduced me to 25 Things About My Sexuality. It is AMAZING. (You should click the Coilhouse link though too, because the video is… there are no words.)

Also via Coilhouse, Molly Crabapple covers fashion week during the apocalypse.

Chipmunk is cute! Thanks Abjekt!