Carousel — Week Ending 27th July 2007

Some distractions for a Friday morning! (By the way, I am in Sydney, it is warm & fabulous!)

The Interchange Desk, a blog for people wanting to get out of their office jobs, or for people who are transitioning into other work. I think some of you might enjoy this!

Video: Eve Ensler: Finding happiness in body & soul

Video: Helen Fisher: The science of love, & the future of women

Like I’ve never walked in on you snorting iCiNG, Mom?

I found hair mecca, & it’s on Flickr! If you need hairstyle pictures, I suggest checking out these groups: Hair Extensions, Fantastic Hair!, All About Hairdressing, Hair Styles on the Street — Street Fashion, Hair Fetish (not as dastardly as it sounds), Mad Rad Hair (best), Hair Dye! & Funny Hair.

For those of you who wonder about the business side of iCiNG, Darren from Problogger recently did a case study on my business… & today he posted some things I’d learned since I started in December!

Japanese rice field art, care of Julie in Japan! (If you haven’t subscribed to her website yet, DO IT NOW! It is a constant source of delight & interesting things!)

Collector’s edition vibrators — with exceptionally cool characters! Maybe a good gift for the “woman who has everything”… ?!

“40 Something” shoot from W magazine. Gorgeous plastic people, I love it! Swoon-o-rama. This was in the August edition 2007, so again, I think it’s another one I MUST buy!