Carousel — Week Ending 27th March 2009


Why Dudes Dress Bad by Blueprint. Mmmmhmmmmm.

Terry Richardson shot the Gossip Girl cast. Also, last night he came into my local pizza joint, where I was milling around waiting for David Dallas (check him out) to ge a slice. I smiled at him. He smiled back. It was pretty rad, actually.

Worn Fashion Journal is good stuff.

Simon (you know the one!) wrote a good article recently — These Are Not Your Stories. It’s worth reading.

Sassi Sam’s Pop Culture Gossip is way fun.

The world needs more awesome people giving out compliments without an agenda.

“I honestly can’t tell you what drove me to give people free compliments,” said Westcott, 19, a civil engineering student from southwest suburban Plainfield. “Just overall, making people’s day is really satisfying.”

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life from Motivate Thyself.

Photoshoots of EXCESS! Magdalena Frackowiak in Vogue China April (YESSSS) & Sigrid Agren & Karlie Kloss in Vogue Italia February.

Miss Piggy & Kermit Are Highly Compatible… astrologically. This is from Mystic Medusa, who I love. Also, she’s on Twitter, add her!

Tatiana Urina by Steven Klein for Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2002 was deliciously creepy.

Mind Of Man: How To Date A Loser from The Frisky.

“What gives a person character lies not how perfect they are, whether they are rich, stylish, or good-looking. It’s about how they persist despite their flaws.”

Frida Come Back To Me from Dujour magazine. Nice colours.

Abby Lee Kershaw, Eniko Mihalik, Constanca Jablonksi, Sessilee Lopez & Fernanda Tavares in Lady Lust, Vogue Nippon April 2009. I’m not really sure what I think of this (& beware of gratuitous boobage), but I do like the eye make-up very much.

Dear Audrey…

“Dear Audrey, My boyfriend and I live together, we bought our house together, we have a dog together, all of that. We’re practically married but anytime me or anyone talks about it, he gets all defensive and says not to pressure him. We split everything in our lives 50/50 but he still keeps all his money separate, and says it’s ‘in case something happens, you never know’. But I know he loves me… What is going on?”

Ms Spinach writes about The Festival Of Colors. Pretty. I want to go!

1000 Awesome Things still makes me laugh like a maniac. Especially #802 Watching something download really fast & #804 Gym pain.

& Zoomdoggle is still fantastic. Make an oversized Cadbury Creme Egg, hot air balloons time lapse, make your own tiny ice-cream, hip-hop meets Zelda, & finally, this is completely amazing: Ying-Yang Twins on Cribs translated. “I dare Chuck Berry’s ghost to come slap me!” Wow.

Miss Nubs linked to this too & it is really intriguing: Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion. The comments are preeeeetty incredible too.

I have this friend called Sam. I link to his stuff a lot because he has this uncanny knack for finding the most ridiculous/awesome things. So here we go. 1, 2, 3. Word up.

Thanks, MJ!

Have an amazing weekend!