Carousel: Week Ending 27th November 2009


Sarah is the best, because she told me that you can choose a colour & print your own GET EXCITED & MAKE THINGS sign! (I just switched up the colours in Photoshop.)

Internet Vices by Patrick Moberg.

Shibari makes its way into an editorial, & it’s not safe for work!

Felt & Wire is radness2 for paper nerds.

Sarah Wilson, who I’m sure would be one of my BFFs if only we didn’t live on opposite sides of the planet, writes about checking in with her “inside people”.

Four Arguments for The Elimination of Television. Thanks Sean.

Christine wrote to me to tell me about her show, The Wishing Tree, which will be at BATS Theatre in December. Wellington represent! More details here!

Nicole emailed me this article, Stars & Stripes, about pseudo-patriotism & foreign travel. V. interesting!

Confessions of an Aussie porn star.

Slice of Style is a very nice round-up of what’s going on in the worlds of fashion, style & design.

Jazzi interviews Gale Parker of Clothespin for Style Section L.A.

Sam & I went to see the Red Bull BK One last Wednesday, & it was amazing. He wrote about it for NME & you should read it!

The lovely Amy Palko was interviewed by Jamie Ridler & it’s how I found out about full moon dreamboards. I am so doing this. Wanna join me?

Bring a piece of New York City into your home with these (fully customisable!) Underground Signs! They are so excellent. I would love one which said International Playgirl HQ! Like this, see?


This is The Perfect Interview Test — you can determine the strengths of a job applicant just by watching how they cross the road. If you’re interested, I am somewhere between a matador & a wader.

What You Can Learn About Blogging Business Models from a Hip-Hop Artist Who Used to Hustle on the Corner Just to Put Food in His Daughter’s Mouth. An Ode To Biggie, Small Business and Making Money. It’s Juicy. Longest blog post title ever, & not just a gimmick. Read it. It is really true for anyone who wants to make a little coin from this whole blogging thing.

Moonbows are a rad phenomenon. There’s a short article on it & then a photo of a moonbow in New Zealand as well as one in Hawaii.

Fafi is working on her comic!

Illustrated Missed Connections are so excellent.

Three DD is 3D photos of boobs. Obviously not safe for work but pretty cool. Even better if you actually have a pair of 3D glasses. Luckily, I keep a pair in my wallet at all times! (You think I’m kidding — I’m not!)

Tim Ferriss on The Benefits of Pissing People Off.

Fun Twitter stuff: tweetstitch (“where tweets are immortalized with fabric & floss”) & TweetBookz (“print high quality books of tweets from any Twitter account!”). Perfect holiday gifts for the person who really, truly does have everything.

An oldie but a goodie, thanks Anya!

This ad from the New Zealand Book Council is fantastic.

Okay, that’ll about do it… Have a fantastic weekend!