Carousel — Week Ending 28th November 2008

We Feel Fine. Yes, we do!

Girlbot sent me a link to this article, Creating Our Own Happiness by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. She says, “If I’m feeling a little down, I make a point to read this article.” What better reason could there be to share it?!

No Small Talk For The Rest Of The Day. Thanks, Ansi!

Calendar made of matches. I love this idea. Burn the day when it’s done.

A photoshoot from MyHorse magazine. Weird but awesome concept, & great pictures.

Halcyon asks, What does it mean to be a “lifestyle artist”?

“If art is defined by process and idea, then everything can be art. If an action, choice, or interaction is infused with creative vision, then it is art. If we can shift our consciousness to this perspective, the world is a canvas. Every word we utter is a paint stroke. Every step is a performance.”

I just started watching Peep Show (on recommendation from my friend Jake!) & it’s reeeeally funny. You can watch the whole thing on Youtube; start here!

Underwater kisses at Le Love. Awww.

Once upon a time, my friend Sammy wrote a relationship column. She only published three, but dude, they are awesome. Laugh-out-loud-able. Check out Abandon All Hope: Fatalist Love, Romance in the World of Single & Cycle of Lunacy. (Beware, this links to SuicideGirls, so you might see a butt or two.)

I want one of these.

Neat ways to organise your life #2 (after a Moleskine planner, of course): Muji Chronotebook. I like this very much, & at only $4.95… It’s hard to say no. The rest of Jack Cheng‘s site is pretty intriguing too. He says, “I write about ideas, making them happen and living a smarter & happier life in the process.” Sounds like my kind of guy. (These links were also courtesy of Ansi. She is great, & sends me wicked things all the time. Next time I see her in New York, I am going to give her a big hug.)

Vika Möller is an awesome artist.

Vegan in Auckland? Moira is your girl! She says, “It feels like there was a little vegan bubble around this town for a while, and it’s just about bursting, and maybe it’s time to blow another one. So in lieu of being grumpy I’m becoming more conspicuously vegan, and I wanted to start this blog to record vegan food and goings-on in my life.” Yay, positive action!

Vogue Paris 2009 calendar. It’s saucy.

“Help! My family don’t want me to be a writer!” from One Night Stanzas. Wise words, Ms Askew!

Shannyn Sossamon is beautiful.

Asking For What You Want & Sex Positivity Is… from Good Vibrations magazine. (How did I not know about the existence of this magazine before?!?!)


15 Simple Ways To Overcome Anger from the lovely Miss Tina Su.

You can read a short but sweet interview with me here at Mademoiselle Robot!

For fans of House of Leaves.

Gratitude is good for your health. We knew that already (hello, TiLT!) but it’s nice to be reminded!

Feel like helping me out? Got a few spare minutes? It would be aaaaawesome of you to take my reader survey! There are fun questions, I promise, & I’ll love you forever for taking part! Smooches!

Digging Up Dirt On Thanksgiving Eve — Nadya asks the hard questions, & the responses are really interesting. Especially this one from Mil:

“Having said that, I find myself envying that sort of simplicity, and for all this fire in my belly has helped me to achieve, they’ve found happiness in even the simplest of things and I think there’s a lot of value in that. While you and I set about taking over the world, as it were, they’re looking forward to a BBQ just as much. Maybe there’s something we could learn from that.”

Pluto is now in Capricorn, ending a 12 year cycle! Wooooooo! Check out what that means for your sign at SoulGarden TV!

How not to write a sex scene — extracts from some of the books shortlisted for this year’s Bad Sex award. So funny! So bad!

That’s all for today. Here’s to a magnificent weekend!