Carousel — Week Ending 29th August 2008

Good Morning, Clean TeethPhoto by chloeohchloe.

Happy Friday!

Instructables is a weird site. I kind of like it though. Check out their guides on how to make out, how to talk to an ex & how to sleep with a friend!

Secrets Of A Hipster Hooker from Radar Online. An amazing article!

“I meet my madam for the first time at a vegan restaurant in New York’s East Village…”

From the best of Craigslist: You wouldn’t get this from any other guy ;D

For those of you who like to snuggle up with high fashion, I believe the Karl Lagerfeld teddy-bear is for you!

One of the weirdest/coolest art installations I’ve ever seen, care of Lou Lou: deer-stuffed cupcakes!

More KL mania — Karl Lagerfeld: Pose maketh the man from the Times Online.

The Poster List. I just discovered this & it looks like the ideal site to hit if you want to decorate your digs on the cheap.

I am mad on Etsy at the moment. Here is my list of favourite items — lots of treasures! Do you have a favourites page on Etsy too? Link us!

People in New York like to talk about Michael Jackson… & picking up! (Giggles a plenty, I tell you!)

& finally, I love Miles Aldridge!

Have a magnificent day & an awe-inspiring weekend!