Carousel — Week Ending 29th February 2008

Mmmm… sweet, sweet distraction courtesy of the carousel! Throw a coin at the operator & pick a horse!

The Fug Girls: Our ANTM All-Star Dream Team. I don’t usually dig what the Fug Girls do, but… well, this is pretty funny…

Things I Have Learned In My Life. I like this very much.

Strangest book titles! I really want to read “I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love Queen”!

Heatherette for MAC Cosmetics product swatches, courtesy of Specktra. I want 3D Silver, Pink Pearl, Hollywood Nights, Style Minx, Pop Blue, Dash Lily, Text Me & Front Row. Yum!

Cutest screen-cleaner EVER! Coo!

Birthday party in the subway, courtesy of Improv Everywhere. These guys are amazing.

Cupcakes can kill! Beware, next time you’re salivating for buttercream frosting!

For those of you who can’t resist a good horoscope, I just discovered SoulGarden. They are daily video horoscopes by sign — & what’s even better is that they are released in such a way that those of us in Australia & NZ actually get them on the right day! I love them & they are super-accurate. Watch, watch!

Feel like doing a good deed? How about helping an innocent guy escape the Dubai legal system?

Violet Blue de-bunks the G-spot hype. (I linked to the medical article last week, but I have to say, I trust Violet more than I do big pharma!)

Fun food stuff! Recognizing insanity & transcending it, “The Scale“, & Rory Freeman (of Skinny Bitch fame) being interviewed about how she eats. She eats a high raw diet so what she says is very interesting to me. She actually comes across totally different from the book — she seems charming & eloquent & thoughtful, while I really didn’t like the book at all!

Swissmiss posted about these custom silhouette pendants. They’re so cool! But for those of us without children, maybe a silhouette of one of your idols would be more appropriate…? She also linked to The Advantages Of Closing A Few Doors from the New York Times. Good read.