Carousel: Week Ending 29th January 2010


Hello from FREEZING COLD New York! “Right Now: 20° F. Feels Like: 3° F.” (That’s -6.67°C & -16.11°C to YOU!!!) I am so not going outside today. This morning’s coffee expedition was ridiculous, I felt like Roald Amundsen!

Like I said yesterday, I lost this week’s Carousel with my computer failure on Tuesday. BOO! Here’s what I came up with in the interim…

Let’s kick off with Black & WTF.

Why we should forget about world peace. Ugh, this is so good. David rules hard. He’s in NZ right now, too! You should email him & offer to take him out for coffee, ’cause I would if I could.

The Scottish Male Virgo Cleaner is for hire…

What Is Couture? A very stylish lesson from Fashionista.

Lily Allen is really quite great. Check out Lily Allen Remixed & her official fan remixes. The best though is It’s Not Me, It’s Doctor Rosen Rosen. Why?

With a slow-strutting synth and mournful angelic hums, Rosen manages to convert the young croonster’s sing-songy discontent into something straight off of the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Absolutely mesmerizing–don’t miss out on this.

See? Go forth & download. It is fantastic.

These shoes are madness. Like real, for real madness. They have the crazy. I love the Rancho & Palio. Amazing. Thanks, @wazzra!

Help find Cinnabun! Jesse James’ dog, Cinnabun, is missing. She is beautiful. I hope she gets found soon!

Anya alerted me to the Auckland Street Style blog! This makes me feel really homesick! I used to live on Victoria Street (above Whitcoulls!) so I recognise all of these places! I used to spend a lot of time on High Street. & look at the beautiful weather! Ahhh! Is there a Wellington street style blog? ‘Cause there should be…

I was sent a Giraffe Ink t-shirt not too long ago & it is adorable. Even better, 35% of the profits get donated to Daniel’s favourite charity, so it’s cute & ethical! Le bonus!

Travel To Care is your intimate guide to an inspirational, authentic & responsible holiday.” There are hotels in Bangladesh, India & Nepal listed, it’s awesome, have a look! (Thanks, Latha!)


I love Karl Lagerfeld’s “neon baroque” SS10 collection for Chanel. See it here & below. “I saw it in a dream & I made the sketches… An electronic flash in my head at five o’clock one morning. Silver & pastel. It’s the first time in my whole career I’ve done a collection without black or navy. There’s not one gold button.” It’s all very psychedelic ladies who lunch, n’est-ce pas? Neon baroque is a wonderful way of putting it. I love you Karl.

PSFK presents Good Ideas Salon with Seth Godin on February 4th at Soho House. If you can swing a ticket, you should absolutely go. I have seen him speak before & it is magnificent. (love the name!) is a way of scheduling Twitter or Facebook updates to post later. Excellent. Though this would be best for psychics, I imagine… Hee.

Pants for kids & parents by Matt Brown. Oh my god, best.

Jacket + Bookmark. GENIUS. Love the Alice in Wonderland combo.

Crucifix shoes! Merci beaucoup, Luxirare! Also, she went food shopping in London & Paris, check out the pictures here. I am totally lusting over that key bottle opener, &, of course, the macarons.

Jane from Sea of Shoes was in Vanity Fair! So exciting. The photo is beautiful, too.

The Sartorialist shot Kanye West & got some flack for it. I think it’s a good portrait though.

Painting Coats — playing with other people’s art. “If you really wanna play with the Fafinettes, you’d better be either witty or talented…”

French correct British scientists: G spot does exist. Um… duh!

15 Places To Visit This Decade from le Huffington Post.

Bittersweet is a cooking blog with a sense of humour. “Bringing sugar, happiness and delights to one person at a time. And probably spreading diabetes too.”

If you’re in New York for fashion week, come to Evolving Influence! There are workshops & panels on fashion blog marketing, the business of blogging, navigating blog ethics & the future of fashion blogging. I’m speaking on the business of blogging panel at 1pm, & I’d love to meet you! It’s going to be an amazing day, with some real blog superstars, & I’m so thrilled to be involved!

I’m also presenting an award at Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards & New York Fashion Week Kickoff Reception. Again with the would-love-to-see-you! RSVP at the link, & come say hi!

Pee-Wee gets an iPad… ahahah.

Surely this is the best book title ever… “Lady, that’s my skull!”



Are you frigging kidding with me this packaging?!!!

Okay beautiful… Stay cozy!