Carousel — Week Ending 2nd January 2009

I think I have decided that I love Dallas Clayton (& Sri for introducing me!). You should totally subscribe to his blog. He writes stuff like this.


When was the last time you painted your face?
Not for any reason, or special day,
just for fun, to look like an animal you appreciate
or to give yourself a cool moustache
or a teardrop, like a prisoner who has killed someone.
How would your boss feel about that?
He’d probably think it was awesome and give you a raise.
And if he didn’t?
Well, that’s not the kind of place you need to be working anyhow.

& this.


Just before bed
I kiss my son
and ask him what he thinks he will dream about.
He responds:
“About a forest, with a big pond, and rainbow, and there are unicorns there
under the rainbow and they are playing tag with me, and my dad is there too.”

I consider this a victory for the forces of good.

…Once you have subscribed to his blog, you should read An Awesome Book by him. I’m telling you, it’s an excellent way to kick off 2009. It starts like this.

Dallas Clayton

University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness site has lots of tests you can use to measure your satisfaction in various areas. Honestly if you’re not sure where to begin this year, or what to tackle, these tests might help you out a lot. Props, Dr Martin Seligman! You are awesome!

Ahoy, I spy a saccharine beast!

Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. An oldie but a goodie.

Nice things & good ideas: LOVE Revolution. Really good… see?

I want to start a revolution. Not the kind of revolution we’re used to; not a loud one, not a violent one, not one that makes headlines or one that leads to fame and glory. I want to start a revolution in me, and you, everyone who reads this blog, and your family and your friends and the people you meet every day from now on. I don’t want a lot from you, it doesn’t take a lot, it only takes love.

Faking Fashion is a cute Livejournal community (you’ll need to join it) with lots of fashion editorials. I like this Lingerie shoot from A4. It makes me think of a wide-eyed girl who has just moved to the big city & is in her first apartment.

Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is! Hmmm… I do have a lot of Leo traits. How about you? Does shifting back a sign make more sense to you?

Want to go raw in 2009? Raw Food Blog is an awesome resource for absolute beginners. The group blog at We Like It Raw is fantastic too!

Tarotscopes by HiC for 2009. I love HiC, he is amazing, & his tarotscopes fill me with wonder, excitement & hope.

How To Feel Like The Incredible Hulk In 2009 from Tim Ferriss. In 17 minutes, he explains exactly how he conquered his fears of swimming, language learning & ballroom dancing by questioning “obvious” guidelines & dogmatic teaching. Woo woo! Use his knowledge to achieve your own amazing goals this year.

Ever wanted a t-shirt of Obama riding a unicorn? I know you have! Chris Bishop has got your back!

Oh my god! AUDREY PUT HIS BLOG TOGETHER! YAY! I know you’re all excited, & for god’s sake, please pass the URL on to the boys you know who need his help. Boy Therapy is the new jam.

A girl went through a break-up & made a three-part mixtape: sadness, bitterness & acceptance. You’ll need to join the community to see it, but it’s worth it, I promise!

I love Ellen Von Unwerth.

69 Questions To Ask To Review Your Blog. Thanks, Darren! We bloggers LOVE you for all your hard work & extreme awesomeness.

Check out your horoscope at AstrologyZone! I LOVE Susan Miller’s horoscopes, they are SO GREAT, & my one for January almost gave me palpitations from excitement!

Her Balloon Happiness is the best Flickr pool ever! Ever ever! Sometimes I wonder if it was started by a fetishist, but who cares, it’s cute & it makes me smile.

Balloons & Fireworks is a good one too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Windows users! There is now a version of Poladroid for you! Just what you need to tide you over until you get a Mac… Hee hee hee… Evil plans!

Steve Pavlina just wrote two mind-blowing posts about his marriage — which he has been in for 15 years — & his decision to explore polyamory. I like him even more than I did & I think he is completely awesome for sharing all of this stuff with the world. He is not the only person who is in a committed relationship & feels like that, so I think he is doing the world an enormous service by being so open & authentic. Check out 2009 Focus – Intimate Relationships first, & then Polyamorous Relationship Q&A. I am so excited for him having made this decision & I’m really looking forward to reading about how it’s all going. Maybe next year when I see him at the Blog World Expo he’ll have five women on each arm, like a true spiritual player!

“The truth is that I love connecting with Erin physically and emotionally, and I want to enjoy that kind of connection with other women too. I can use self-discipline to try to deny those feelings, but that would require turning my back on the principle of Love, which is a big no-no. In this case I have to follow my heart.”

A new year’s wish from Neil Gaiman.

Tim Ferriss writes about Things I’ve Learned & Loved In 2008.

Okay, that’s all I have for you today. I hope it keeps you busy this weekend! Big love!