Carousel — Week Ending 2nd March 2007

Steve Kemble gives tips on throwing an Oscar-themed party to the Budget Fashionista. A bit late now, but some good ideas & you can always do it next year!

Very interesting (but short) articles: How Coutouriers Turn A Profit & Why Does The Camera Add 10 Pounds? from

Year of the Pig Adidas!

Mary-Kate Olsen loves her red Chanel handbag. As much as I love her, I think her essay-writing steez need work.

Betty Knows Best from New York Magazine — “It’s true that if you have form without substance, you’re empty,” she says. “But if you have substance without form, you’re boring.”

The Budget Fashionista presents a guide to the Spring 2007 colours courtesy of Pantone!

Finally, an incredible simple but effective outfit. I am so glad that low-cut skinny jeans are going out of fashion. This girl is so super-slick & also I wish she was my girlfriend. Okay?