Carousel — Week Ending 2nd May 2008

Aw. It’s the littlest Carousel ever! Like those teeny tiny ones for children at airports! This one’s better though — your bum will fit, & no coins required!

On The Job: Cary Tennis,’s long-running advice columnist, hit bottom so you don’t have to. (I love Cary & I found this article really interesting!)

The Pleasure Report — a podcast about sexuality in medicine, science & psychology. It’s by Dr Paul Joannides, the faaaabulous author who co-authored The Guide To Getting It On!, my favourite ever sex book. He’s great, & I love his sense of humour. Makes me so happy!

Photos by Aorta. I like.

10 Commandments for Dropping 10 Pounds & 10 Years from Dumb Little Man.

Aesop’s Top 7 Tips for Living a Happier Life!

Have you found any cool new blogs (or even started one yourself) that you think is worth passing on to your beloved nonpareils?