Carousel — Week Ending 30th May 2008

Happy Sex & The City day! (I’m a huge nerd! Ahem. I can’t wait to go, I can’t wait to go!)

Musique! You’ll need to join the community, but if you’ve ever wanted to hear the Sex & The City soundtrack or the playlists of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon, ljmixtape is your new best friend! (Kristin’s mix is my favourite!)

Patricia Field on Her Favorite ‘Sex’ Outfits and SJP’s Crazy Hat from New York Magazine.

Sloppy Seconds: Are you still going to the tired hangouts mentioned in Sex and the City way back when? We’ll help you update your obsession.

& on the flipside… How Sex Ruined New York City. (The comments are pretty funny, too.)

Okay, those are all my SATC links!

Karl Lagerfeld talks politics. God, I love him. LOVE HIM!

I have a new Muxtape for you! Yum-o-rama! Enjoy… !

“What I love about New York is that you can find somebody to yell at you when you deserve it. You can be the biggest swell on Fifth Avenue. But if you piss off the guy at the corner market, he’s gonna tell you about it.” — Michael J. Fox

No Impact Man is on a mission & he needs your help!

I love Oprah. I think she is awesome, especially given her current committment to eating vegan for the next 21 days! (More info here.) But I like this article, too: Oprah’s Top 7 Tips For Creating The Life You Want, from the Positivity Blog. I mean, you can’t say she doesn’t know how to manifest an amazing life — look at what she’s done! It’s so exciting to me to watch her growth & development, especially because she is such a position of enormous influence. Say what you like about her, but she is making huge positive steps & pulling America along with her. It’s fantastic. Kudos, Oprah!

Spiritual Being — Physical Experience & Taking Another Look — Importance of Second Chances are both insightful reads from DailyOM.

Want to know my stance on porn? NZGirl has the goss!

I love Stephanie Simek. She emailed me the other day to tell me about her newest design, the illuminated sea cookie pin. She says, “The sea cookie, a member of the sand dollar family, is back lit by a white LED. When turned on, the light illuminates all of the creature’s natural patterns and intricacies. This pin is approximately 1 inch in diameter and comes with 3 sets of replaceable batteries.” …I WANT ONE. Exclamation point!

Emily linked me to He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died, which is engrossing & sad & inspiring, all at the same time.

Colorstrology! This was recommended to me by Amika, & I love it! It basically links your birthday, your personality & colour together: very cool. They all seem really accurate, I checked my boyfriend’s & both my parents’. Mine says…

“BERYL GREEN, Pantone 16-5515. Determined, knowledgeable, quickwitted. You have a strong & determined nature. A mundane life is not for you. It is important for you to connect with others & exchange information. You have a way with words & whether writing or speaking, you are able to captivate an audience by telling a good story. Your personal color represents good fortune. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Beryl Green aids in receptivity & opens your heart to love & companionship.”

& finally, raw stuff! Antony, everyone’s favourite raw model, writes about nettles in Central Park. (He loves to forage!) Dhrumil talks about food, relationships & acceptance. You should totally watch it — Dhrumil is constantly amazing & insightful. & here’s a video of Daniel Vitalis — one of the most interesting & enthusiastic people I’ve ever met!