Carousel — Week Ending 31st July 2009

I’m on the cover of Cut Out + Keep magazine this month, & there’s a great article on me here! Thanks so much Cut Out + Keep, I am super-flattered!

Let Them Eat Models. Designer cupcakes! Thanks, Brittany!

Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes… if you haven’t seen it yet! I love the dude’s comments on Karl Lagerfeld, too. “Karl Lagerfeld, who this season favours the Dracula look”… ahaha are you kidding me? Amazing.

Cara sent me these Maison Michel photos & I like them a whole lot.

The August issue of Lipstick Royalty is out, it’s brilliant & it features an interview with me! Download it & enjoy!

73 Ways to Become a Better Writer. These tips are great.

Hahaha, Camel Hoof is my new favourite website. Mostly I like that they called Diddy a “toolbox”. The girls who run it want to buy a house whose doorbell plays Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’ in its entirety. The topics of discussion include “vaginas, fried chicken, every female rapper ever, hood-rat nails, grinding violently on strangers & 1990s glory days of RnB”. YES! They also introduced me to the following… Lol, lol, lol again.

Our very own house mother, Fuertes ‘The Foul-Mouthed Filipina’ Knight, coined the phrase “he’d get tied to my radiator” as a way of showing her affections towards certain males (mostly rappers).

& this is SO OLD but what the effffffffff, oh god, I die. Black People LOVE Us!

Going on a summer holiday? So is Zoe Foster, legendary beauty editor, & here’s what she’s taking with her. Girl knows her stuff. I want to try half those products now… Damn, she’s good.

Boner Party explain the Ghostbusters boner & the talent boner.

How To Kiss A Stranger by Laura at Tweexcore.

Peter Callesen is amazing. Thanks Meghann!

Finding My Goddess is one of the most intense things I have ever seen. I found this through Mystic Medusa, of course. One of my favourite websites, hands down. & the comments on her post are hilaaaaaaaarious as everyone tries to work out what sign this guy is!

“PLEASE can someone e-mail him, explaining that waist circumference is only exceeded by the dimensions of her brain/expansion of her aura, whatevs and that she TOO is a GLOBAL VISIONARY chanelling angelic insights, currently based in Mogambo (a spa hotel where he is welcome to visit and see how the natives adore her sacred hide) and requiring but a small sacred investment of 10 million (USD) to manifest Angel TV. But that she needs his birth deets to run them through (invisble) celestial database device. It runs on spring water and her gigantic indigo aura – which, on a night without too much microwave interference – can be sensed from as far away as The Palisades, Palm Springs…
Tell him you/she lives in Zemblanity Heights and see if he GETS that. He is a GLOBAL VISIONARY GENIUS with an UNBEARABLE POIGNANT AND AMAZING sense of humour, he will get it. Surely.
And – this would be fun to trigger his Madonna Ho complex. He boasted about his dick being able to stay hard for hours, tantric thingie…SHE boasts that her, um, yoni is legendary – toned by three hours a day of secret Kahuna exercises & douches containing three drops of immortelle essential oil + magnesium…”

Need a bikini? Johnny Cupcakes has you covered (literally). Ahhh so cute! Merci beaucoup, Evie!

I The Mighty Boosh.

Max Tour Stories: P.O.S.

Trailer for The September Issue!& I love when A.L.T. says, “It’s a famine of beauty!”

Ummm, most amazing cover of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues ever.

WATCH THIS IT IS EFFING RAD.David is the best rapper in New Zealand hands down.

P.S. Cuteness maximus.