Carousel — Week Ending 3rd April 2009

We Are The Slaves Of The Objects Around Us from Vogue Italia. I love this shoot!

Put Things Off wrote about The End of Free Content a few days ago. It’s a pretty interesting read for any blogger.

Zoetica was one of my favourite things about Los Angeles… & Austin! She also happens to be a very stylish broad. Check out her 4-point fashion assault on everyone’s favourite gothic luxe blog, Haute Macabre.

Violet Blue interviews a Zen Master about sex & hardcore zen.

Haw haw.

Floral & crimped hair yumminess!

Me Magazine is based around one intriguing person every month, who then interviews the people closest to them…

Astro-madness courtesy of Mystic Medusa. Namely, Her Saggo Fiance Got His Stalker Pregnant. Wow. It’s interesting but what is really interesting are the comments. Lots of extremely wise insight about love & relationships.

Erykah Badu is on Twitter & she’s really fun to follow. A couple of days ago she was asking her followers what the first sentence would be in a love letter to themselves, then retweeted some of her favourite responses. It was really beautiful, actually. So follow her, because otherwise you’re missing out!

Halcyon was on STUDS. Aaaaaaaamazing.

The Frisky says Don’t Have First-Date Sex. Thoughts?

Spanking Brings Couples Together from New Scientist.

Said In Bed: As Awkward As The Act is so, so, so, so good.

Pharrell versus McDonalds
A hipster investigation.

P.S. If you’re in New York & like cupcakes, you should come to CupcakeCamp NYC next Friday!