Carousel — Week Ending 3rd October 2008

The iCiNG Carousel — keeping you entertained at work on Fridays since 2006! (Gosh!)

How To Find Yourself A Good Pen Name by Claire Askew!

Yoko Ono is totally amazing!

I was fortunate enough to meet Steve Pavlina at the Blog World Expo & he’s an awesome guy. Unsurprisingly enough, so is this interview with him: Blogging God Steve Pavlina Interview: On Motivation, Handling Email, Daily Routines, How He Got Started, and Much More from Zen Habits.

Lots of food articles: The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating, Does Fructose Make You Fatter? & Unhappy Meals (which I may have linked before but is worth refreshing your memory with).

In my quest to research Paris over the past few days, I discovered La Coquette & Chic Shopping Paris. I like ’em!

Random travel thoughts by Seth Godin. He makes good points (as always). A lot of them are things I’ve been thinking about recently!

Seven Questions That Will Prevent Regret & 25 Simple Steps To Becoming Successful from Dumb Little Man.

Top 10 Blogs For Writers — & I know there are a bunch of you, so don’t be shy!

Fight Club was a good movie. Brian Clark used it as a jumping-off point & came up with Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules Of Innovation.

Rob Brezsny has a podcast! Pronoia Is Taboo! Click to listen. In this one he asks, “Are you truly ready to shed the values and self-images that keep you locked into alignment with the dying civilization?” Ooof!

Amazing news! Dolce & Gabbana used my man CHEW FU’s remix of Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’ at their show last Thursday! Check out the video! I’m so proud. I always knew D&G had taste!

I can’t really explain what this blog is about, but every post is pretty hilarious…

Umbrella mania! (Thanks, Weily!) Umbrella Today? & Umbrella Etiquette are both delightful in their simplicity.

How ordinary people become monsters… or heroes, a TEDtalk.

Finally, if you haven’t got your tickets to Atmosphere’s Paint The Nation tour yet, watch this (or download this), then go buy yourself one!

Okay, I’m going to go out & explore this amazing city at my feet… Have a magnifique weekend, sweetness!