Carousel: Week Ending 3rd September 2010

CarouselPhoto by Mathlyd of Under The Pyramids. (Nouvelle obsession!)

I LOVE this essay on queerdom, BDSM, polyamory, & the like. It was actually originally a speech, but is just as great to read. It’s Not About Sex… & Other Lies.

One day… I want to attend La Tomatina. Also, maybe it is just coincidence, but since I read that I have been drinking tomato juice by the gallon EVERY DAY! I can’t get enough! Weird!

35 Lessons In 35 Years. I would agree with all of them!

Insults are better taken lying down. So next time you’re about to hurl abuse at someone (um, please don’t), advise them to lay down first!

Want a raise? Wash your vagina. OH YES… They went there.

When love doesn’t turn into marriage. This is so sad for those who want it when their partners don’t. Have any of you experienced this?

Are you a good sexual citizen of the world?

Angel is a beautiful writer, & her piece about storms is gorgeous.

Top Five Bra-Sizing Myths. Read it!

The flight to New Zealand is a long one, but would be totally worth it to stay in a treehouse hotel in Kaikoura, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My friend Rosie emailed me about it, saying,

“The top branch suites have a shower which opens out to a deck with amazing views. The bottom branch ones have decks to view both sunrise AND sunset! Drool.”

Betsey Johnson’s picks for the upcoming season are adorable & demonstrate just how rad she really is.

“Always a soft, cushy, netti-petti, a waist cincher, a skin-tite sexy + a boufont bubble somethin’, and eyelashes galooooor!”

Lost At E Minor said, “If 90 percent of the people who leave comments on the internet were allowed only to post on Just Comments, a website that has nothing but comments, the world might be a better place.” True.

Kris Carr’s Love List this week is about staying healthy on the road. Essential reading for international playgirls!

Oh, tinytoadstool! How did I only just find out about you?!

I like this Polaroid rose gallery.

Hyperbole & A Half is some funny ish. The Four Levels of Social Entrapment is amazing.

How panhandlers use free credit cards from The Star.

Reaching For The Skies is Sir Richard Branson’s latest blog. I like his brain.

I don’t know if you’re following 50 Cent on Twitter… but you should be. It is my new favourite Twitter account!

Infographics about sex. What could be finer?


Hahaha, weird. Hungover Owls. Thanks Anna!

Cry School Yearbook!!! Thanks Emily, I LOVE IT!

Courtesy of Kate: Mac time lasts a long time

Panty By Post! Okay, I think we all need a subscription. New knickers are one of life’s little pleasures! Many kisses to Elysha for the head’s up!

Ahahaha I love this. 8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realise New York City A Horrible Place To Live.

Other incidents that prompted citizens to pick up and leave included the sight of garbage bags stacked 5 feet high on the sidewalk; the realization that being alone among millions of anonymous people is actually quite horrifying; a blaring siren that droned on and fucking on; muddy, refuse-filled puddles that have inexplicably not dried in three years; the thought of growing into a person whose meanness and cynicism is cloaked in a kind of holier-than-thou brand of sarcasm that the rest of the world finds nauseating; and all the goddamn people.

…By Tuesday night, New York was completely abandoned. At press time, however, some 10 million Los Angeles–area residents, tired of their self-centered, laid-back culture and lack of four distinct seasons, and yearning for the hustle and bustle of East Coast life, had already begun repopulating the city.

Drummbellina writes about fun for September!

Barbie’s New Internship which is really about how the new Barbie is a VIDEO CAMERA. She has a camera in her necklace & a viewing screen in her back… Madness.

Some good news for the week: Atmosphere is releasing a new EP on the 7th of September, To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy. The video below is of one of their new tracks, & you can buy the EP here.

P.S. Atmosphere are on tour! (Blueprint, Grieves, Budo & DJ Rare Groove are with them. You should go.)
I would like to see this in person!
Thanks Sophia! xo
I think I might have posted this before, but…
Thanks Teresa!
This is the trailer for Something Left, Something Taken, a beautifully animated short film about a vacationing couple’s encounter with a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer. Click the link for the full version!
Hahah this is so weird & creepy & fantastic!
…There are no words.

Have an amazing couple of days! It’s Labour Day in America so it’s all about the long weekend… Superb! Stay safe & be happy!