Carousel — Week Ending 4th April 2008

‘Allo, ‘allo! Is it just me or did this week absolutely fly past?! Here are a few little tidbits that caught my eye this week… hope you enjoy them!

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right.

Technosexual: One Man’s Tale Of Robot Love. If you’re interested in sex robots or robot girlfriends (& even if you’re not), this is worth a read. It’s quite amazing, actually.

12 Great Ways To Be Miserable. Ahh, reverse psychology. Sometimes, though, we just need to be told things in a different way.

Canaries in the cage: beauty editors, a piece from one of The Age blogs.

If you were ever a fan of MAD magazine, the New York Times got their hands on a whole lot of their old fold-ins & have made them available online! So cool! They’re all political, but that’s okay — they’re all pretty incredibe, too. MAD Fold-Ins.

The Fashion Spot chose me as their very first Look of the Week! Yay!

Polyvore’s official blog took notice of our collective ‘What I’d Wear At 40’ sets… woohoo!

Is Our Happiness Preordained? from TIME. Though really all you need to know is in the final paragraph:

“To feel happier, he recommends mimicking the personality traits of those who are: Be social, even if it’s only with a few people; set achievable goals and work toward them; and concentrate on putting setbacks and worries in perspective. Don’t worry, as the saying goes. Be happy.”

If you have a account (or even if you don’t!), xgreyoutx just started a group for iCiNG fans! It’s called {*nonpareils*} & you should join!

Pictures & information (I assume) about the Marchesa Louisa Casati. I can’t read the text but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good stuff!

8 Things a Pickup Artist Can Teach You About Seducing Your Spouse from Dumb Little Man.

& that’s about it!