Carousel: Week Ending 4th December 2009

CarouselChanel Iman by Mark Seliger in Vogue Deutsch.

Real, honest female orgasm advice — to a girl who’s never had an orgasm at all — from my girl Violet Blue.

A short & sweet interview with Betsey Johnson:

Examiner: You have been in the industry for a very long time, yet you’ve managed to stay ahead of the trending curve — how?

BJ: I don’t know a trend from a turkey! I pedal my own bike. Everything should be timeless, in it’s own way. And everything looks good in black!

I like Sandra Juto‘s Flickr photostream very much. She has a blog, too.

The confessions of a semi-successful author is not very uplifting but it is certainly an eye-opener.

Fck Yeah Girls With Short Hair is a suuuuuuuper resource for anyone who is a) thinking of taking the plunge or b) on the hunt for a new haircut.

Fck Yeah Glasses is pretty cute too.

In which I plan to cope with my mad family at Christmas is about Sarah Wilson’s holiday expectations.

Buddhism teaches cultivating cheerfulness as opposed to happiness. Happiness is an imposed, lofty ideal. But cheerfulness is something you can add to a situation, build up in layers comfortably. You can cheerfully do your best while wearing a silly paper crown and trying to get Uncle Pete to pass the bloody gravy; a Happy Christmas is an unachievable absolute. As the Tibetan monk Rinpoche taught, cheer is inherent in us all and we can choose to turn to it, even in the midst of an all-out festive barney. In choosing to do so, we access our true nature.

Pharrell Williams designed a… tank chair? I don’t know what else to tell you!

DEALBREAKER: Your Misuse of Quotation Marks. Oh god.

Four Things 50 Cent Can Teach You About Connecting with Your Audience.

5 Things Super-Happy Couples Do Every Day & 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage from WebMD. Why yes, I do find relationships endlessly fascinating! Thanks for noticing! Hee.

Susan Miller’s horoscope forecasts for December. Still the most comprehensive & in-depth forecasts on le web!

Now that Steve Pavlina’s on the prowl, he’s learning about fashion!


Moleskine Roundup: What Sort Of Moleskinneur Are You? Megan sent this to me & said, “I would assume you’re the collage but I could also see you as the jetsetter!!” She is mostly right! I am a lovely, raucous blend of the self-actualised, collager & jetsetter. Hee. How about you?

Wanna help a girl make her way around the world? Nonpareil Baaarooke needs you!

Susannah Breslin (heart) writes about self-publishing her novel.

Jane from Sea of Shoes posted photos of her fitting at Chanel & tour of Coco’s apartment. Hello dream come true! & look, she is standing on THE infamous staircase! Ahh, bless.

Back to 1920s is a great outfit. Very inspiring & beautiful!

Personal flair via The Selby.

More brilliant make-up tricks from Zoe. What would we do without her?!

The Nice Jewish Guy 2010 calendar is now available! Hahah god that is so cute. Who’s your favourite? My money’s on David or Dave. Bathrobe? Bookshop? Sold.

Anna Inghardt takes beautiful photographs.

Apartment Therapy’s house tours are like pornography for the interior design obsessed. I would count myself among that group. Alysia’s treehouse by the lake is so delightful. Here. Have a browse through.

An interview with Leo Babauta, being minimalist. He runs Zen Habits — you know the guy.

Minimalism isn’t about having or doing nothing — it’s about making room in your life for the things you love doing the most. In this way, by getting rid of all the clutter in our lives — physical clutter and commitments — we are freeing ourselves, so that we can focus on what truly matters, and not all the extra crap that people tend to do and have for no good reason.

Everett: Can you recommend one simple way that our readers can start to cultivate a minimalist work schedule?

Leo: Start each day by asking yourself: what’s the most important thing I can do today, that will have the biggest impact on my life? Do this first, before you do email or meetings or read stuff online or Twitter or anything else. Only when you’re done should you consider other things.

Who lives here? Who can afford to live here? An interactive map of income demographics & rent in NYC.

Don’t Tag Me In This Photo. Everyone needs this shirt, I think!

Gritty Banter: Having Fun On Stage With Fugazi, “Ayn Rand Assholism” as Institution/Ideology & Better Than Coffee: The Maori Legend of the Kiwi. Thanks Coilhouse! Mmmmmmmwah!

Also, P.O.S. has been nominated as Rapper of the Year by Spin magazine! SO GOOD! No one is more deserving. Vote here!

Violet Blue on Oprah!

Oh my god, cute. Thanks Jenny!

Have a brilliant weekend! There’s a chance of snow here in New York & I couldn’t be more excited about it! Stay warm & have fun whatever you end up doing!