Carousel — Week Ending 4th January 2008

Hooray, it’s a new year! That, of COURSE, means that there are oodles of websites making astrological predictions for each sign’s coming attractions. I love reading what astrologers think I have in store, even if my belief in horoscopes is selective at best! Here are some of the best I’ve found, & I’d love to hear if you have a favourite astrologer, too!

According to Chinese astrology, it’s the year of the rat. Check out for a run-down of the year, then scroll to the bottom & see what is in store for your Chinese sign! has also got 2008 predictions for Aries, Taureans, Pisces & the other standard signs!

Susan Miller is amazing. She writes superbly in-depth predictions every month, which are a great read.

You all know how much I adore Rob Brezsny. His horoscopes are definitely worth a read! I love his inspiring tone & his desire to make us all into better people.

The Astro Twins have a very different style — I’d say they write light & breezy horoscopes for the 20-something party girl. Hey, it works for me!

Now, the other stuff!

Interview with Jim Carrey. I love him. So much.

Goodbye 2007, & thanks for all the butt-cracks — a video from Goodiebag.

An interview with Anthony Robbins which I think is about the most interesting thing I’ve ever read, maybe.

Hello Kitty contact lenses. Argh!

My cool, awesome & hot friend Peter has tips on how to break into the fashion industry, which is worth reading if you have those sorts of intentions!

Baskerville Basics — a guide to dressing like Sherlock Holmes! Yes! Fantastisch!

The Telegraph picks style icons of 2007.

My Fashion Life dishes on the top 10 trends of 2007.

There is an official Sex & The City movie blog, for Carrie (& Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda) addicts around the world! Hooray!

Stylish ladies from Reykjavik!

Fashion Nation’s fashion resolutions for 2008! I haven’t set any style resolutions for myself yet… though I’m sure they’ll come to me later!

Anthony Robbins on Larry King.

B-Boy Junior is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.