Carousel — Week Ending 4th September 2009

I have had barely any time to do my usual obsessively-trawling-the-internet thing, so this is a pretty small collection of links! I hope you love ’em anyway! I’ll talk to you when I get to New Zealand!

Rita Konig is blogging for the New York Times now. I’m so happy! I adore her writing!

DanaBelle turned me on to DJ Skeet Skeet & his Chicken & Wobbles mix. Fun!

I got a subscription to Filthy Gorgeous Things this week & it is amazing. The content is super-high quality, as well as nailing the perfect combination of being dirty, sexy & delicious.

Do you remember how I told you about Filament magazine a while ago? Well, your support made a huge difference, & issue 2 has gone to print! If you click the link you can see some of the contents. I’m so excited for them! Suraya (editrix & rad girl) emailed me about it, saying…

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for blogging about, and supporting, our erection campaign. It made a huge difference, and I’m delighted to say that we sold the 328 copies needed to afford to change our printers. Filament Issue 2 comes out on 1 September and features, among other great pictorials and articles, Emmy Jackson, photographed by Lex Machina, raising the flagpole for the ladies.

The UK publishing industry double-standard that Filament has now made one tiny inroad into, is a big part of what has kept genuinely erotic female-orientated imagery of men off the market. It has never had a legal basis – it has purely and simply been about people deciding what we want on our behalf, and therefore what gets to market. If one tiny magazine like Filament can push through idiotic rules from the dark ages, then anyone can. It is a trap to believe that what is available on the market merely represents what sells – most of the decisions about what’s supplied to us are still based on poor, if any, evidence, and often largely on gender stereotypes. What gets out there branded ‘for women’ is part of what defines femininity in our times, so it’s all the more important that women create, support and demand what we actually want.

I’ve held off announcing this because I was hoping to also say we’d got a distribution deal. It’s still sadly not yet happened, but we are talking with a promising distributor. Filament is currently stocked in only three shops. Surprisingly, several supposedly women-orientated sex shops have declined to stock Filament – the same shops that, when I was forming the concept behind Filament, told me they didn’t stock women-orientated pictures of men only because there were none on the market. I guess their real reasons are somewhat more complex, but until said shops are willing to be frank about what their issues are, there’s not much we can do but keeping making Filament available through our website.

You’re very welcome, of course, to post any part of this to let your readers know that they were part of making history – the first UK women’s magazine to feature an erection pictorial is now available – yay! There’s samples of some of the men and articles from issue 2 available on our website too.

Thanks once again for your support!

Life With Who What Wear! I love this piece, it’s so interesting to hear about their progress & expansion.

Wolf on Wolf. Wolf? Patrick, natürlich!

Marie’s 90’s Horn Mix is SO GREAT download it NOW!

My two new favourite fashion blogs are Le Fashion Image & Studded Hearts. Pictures for DAYS!

Rick Owns Sets the Trend & Other Designers Seem to Follow from the New York Times.

“Hubby Hubby”: Ben & Jerry’s Shows Gay Marriage Support With New Flavor. Aw! I’ll back that!

My friend Angel is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. She has this great bee-log where she writes about yummy perfumes & adventures in Chicago. You should read it. It is 100% delightful & magical.

Cavities by Dallas Clayton. Cute-o-rama.

Sh!tmydadsays is my new favourite Twitter account. Ohhhh so funny.