Carousel — Week Ending 5th December 2008

RunPhoto by the fabulous selene gibbous.

Things to see & do! Kicking your weekend off right. Right?!

Horoscopes for the month of December! AstroTwins, AstrologyZone & Tarotscopes by HiC!

On that subject, I know I have introduced a whole lot of you to the amazing SoulGarden horoscopes on Youtube. Well, now they need your help, so help ’em out if you can!

Pretty overdose!

Getting your way with her vs. enticing her desire:

“What if you spent your time, not how can I get what I want from a woman, but rather, how can I serve this woman. Not as her servant, but as an empowered man. A man who doesn’t need anything from her, because he is whole and complete in and of himself.”

Coilhouse delivers. We Need Barbie Pure (for the Virgin Sacrifice), Hilarious Posts from Ayn Rand Dating Site (comments are so good too: “A professor I once worked for had a great line on Ayn Rand: “If a guy had written that screed, everyone would be saying ‘Why is he banging his dick on the table?’””) & Pink Things. Also, subway swing, anyone? Wow! Grotesque, fascinating, & pleasing to the eye — all the things we’ve come to expect from our favourite purveyors of odds & ends!

From Overheard in New York, Curiosity Kills Desire in the Insecure. (This made me laugh out loud.)

I think Fontaine Anderson is the business.

There’s a new issue of prim. Magazine out now!

10 Things about Miss Nubby Twiglet, my #1 wife! Haha. The comments are cute & interesting too.

How did I not know that Fawn Gehweiler had a blog?! It’s infrequently updated, but on Wednesday night I found this post of hers, Cute Clutter vs. Creative Chaos with photos of amazing artistic spaces. It’s worth a look, so fascinating!

Soundtrack for November from ljmixtape: join & devour!

Elyse Sewell is hilarious & never fails to make me smile.

Halcyon writes about being featured on & practising “troll aikido”!

Rhymesayers is having a sale! They’ve dropped the price on some of their best albums & cutest shirts to just $10! If you’re just aching for somewhere to drop your bling — & don’t want to wait for the sweet prize-pack on the 15th! — click the link. I recommend all the albums listed, by the way — Jake One, P.O.S., Brother Ali, Atmosphere & Dynospectrum are all worth way more than ten bucks!

Mirror-themed photos but beware (BEWARE!) of the boobs!

Abjekt Is Cool. Not just a blog title, a bonified truth. I have no idea who this guy is, but his Tumblr makes me laugh, he posts the weirdest range of stuff. I mean, wow. Though you can’t contact anyone through Tumblr, it drives me nuts! Abjekt, if you monitor your stats, consider this a shout-out!

The Daily Puppy. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!

From JAK & JIL: Rise of the machines: how the women behind the fashion game became its key players. Also, this is what those Rick Owens boots from my wishlist look like on. Golly.

Finally… fall in love.

But remember to come back later on today, as well as Saturday & Sunday… ’cause we’re giving away custom nameplate necklaces, goodies from ModCloth & SPARKLY MAGICAL KNICKERS!