Carousel: Week Ending 5th February 2010

Good morning my sweet! Here are some links for you to devour.

New Zealand is so rad! Air New Zealand have developed Skycouch seating, where you can fold your seats out into a big couch so you can lie down horizontally & cuddle with your partner or children on long-haul flights. BRILLIANT. GENIUS. I cannot tell you how excited this makes me! My favourite thing is what Ed Sims, Air New Zealand’s international manager said — which makes perfect sense.

Perhaps the best thing about all this creativity is that it is primarily focused on economy class and long-haul flights because, as Fyfe acknowledged, “most of our passengers fly economy class” and “we have a higher proportion of passengers flying long-haul than any other airline”. Most airlines, as he said, put a huge effort into developing the world’s best first class. “We think it’s more logical for us to develop the world’s best economy class.”

Even smarter. Love it. You’ll also be able to order the type of food (steak, medium rare?) you want WHEN YOU WANT IT. These things are so simple but have never been implemented before, & I love that they are doing it. If you ever have the chance to fly Air NZ, you should do it. They are my favourite airline. Well, okay, they tie with Singapore Airlines for my #1 pick, & I love to rep New Zealand whenever I get the chance!

Victoria Beckham in Glamour, yay!

I am continually wowed by clever people who DIY designer looks. The Ensemble Project DIY’d a pair of Miu Miu boots using a plain $27.80 boot from Forever 21 & some craft supplies!

Sex Positivity & the Virgin/Whore Dichotomy.

Oh, amazing!!! Drugstore Deejay, courtesy of my sweet friend Eden. I always sing along to music in “drugstores”. (I’m not used to calling them that yet!)

Song posting litmus test: would one hear it while browsing the racks at a Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Duane Reade or Sav-On? Would one dance and/or sing along in the aisles?

Sarah Wilson (loooove) wrote healing auto-immune disease, by someone who’s been there, & it’s very, very good.

It’s so hard to find good hairstyles online, don’t you think? Okay, well, now there is F!ck Yeah Cute Hair! Oh, you’re welcome!

This made me laugh like mad. Scorpio Men On Prozac — read the comments.

I’ll Never Be A Wag Again. I love you Zoe Foster & I want to read everything you’ve ever written!

The Rise of Dog Identity Politics from New York magazine.

And the dog can even tell you whether or not you’re a good person. A 1999 study found that people who strongly dislike dogs score significantly higher on the measure of anal character and lower on the empathy scale of the California Psychological Inventory, indicating “that people who liked dogs have less difficulty relating to people.”

Sexism and the City. Wendy Brandes wrote this two years ago & I somehow only just found it!

Look at all this Elie Saab prettiness. Wonderful colours. It must be said that anything would look good on that runway, though. It’s like a frozen lake disco.

Check out Tatyana Usova by Elias Wessel. Great perspective & angles. I love that plane hat way too much!

Sasha Pivovarova look super-fly in these pictures for Longchamp. Dem BROWZ!

I want to live here so badly you cannot even fathom it.

There’s a little directory listing of Erotica on Tumblr here. Obviously NSFW…

Um, goodness. More Churches Promote Martial Arts to Reach Young Men from the New York Times. Thoughts?

Mr. Renken, who founded the church and academy, doubles as the team’s coach. The school’s motto is “Where Feet, Fist and Faith Collide.” … “What you attract people to Christ with is also what you need to get people to stay,” said Eugene Cho, 39, a pastor at Quest Church, an evangelical congregation in Seattle. “I don’t live for the Jesus who eats red meat, drinks beer and beats on other men.” … Over the past year and a half, a subculture has evolved, with Christian mixed martial arts clothing brands like Jesus Didn’t Tap (in the sport, “tap” means to give up) and Christian social networking Web sites like

Also from the New York Times: Abstract Thoughts? The Body Takes Them Literally. I am not surprised but it’s nice to have science back it up!

Give Up on Mr. Perfect? Amazing. I love the comments too. I posted one below.

What of the misery of the sad, pathetic, partnered woman, stuck at home with a somnolent spouse or boyfriend who sits around watching TV and eating Chunky soup and won’t let her play her Netflix? … The way she sees it, as she explains in a chapter called, “How Feminism F*cked Up My Love Life,” a generation of women (or should I say ‘girls’?) who ought to have been taught—like their great-grandmothers and like women in Taliban-era Afghanistan—to be demure in deportment and modest in aspiration, were tricked by the women’s movement into “ego-tripping themselves out of romantic connection.” That’s right girls: If you’re unwillingly unwed, blame it on mom and Title IX for duping you into educating, respecting and supporting yourselves.

fk4711 said: I am actually agree with both Schillinger and Gottlieb. Can I do that? The truth is that there are some truth in either of their thinking. I married someone who is fat and bold. My friends think I was settling. But for me, the one most important thing in looking for a partner is my “heart of gold” rule. I wanted someone that I know is truly an honest and good man, one that I can live with day in and day out and don’t lose respect for. And my husband is the one. He may not be a dream boat that every girl is dreaming for, but he has a good job, he is kind and gentle with a sense of humor, he is a fantastic father, and most of all, he treasures me above all things. For some, he may be a boring person, but for me he is a steady force in my life. Sure, we’ve been through ups and downs (job loss, illness) but I feel the connections is getting stronger and stronger after more than 20 years. Some of those friends who think I was settling are still single or married and got divorced. Some are still waiting for the perfect prince to show up and sweep them of their feet…

My Life With Death is the blog of someone who works in a funeral home…

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen want you to help them design for their new label, Olsenboye, & Teen Vogue has all the details!

Primped is running an awesome contest for anyone who has makeup skills! You should enter, the prizes are mos’ def’ worth it!


25 People Arrested In Costume, hahah! There are a few pictures from New Zealand too, nice to, um, see?!

The Top 10 Wackiest Stripper Shoes courtesy of The Frisky.

You had me at health insurance. So funny, I love it. Romance, psshhhh!

I really like this song by Booka B & So Gold. It’s a remix of Bugz In The Attic’s “Consequences” & Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes”… Get on it!

Candice sent me this: Make Your Own Herstory.

The 15 Books You Must Read In 2010! Thanks, Sri!

The Unicorn Code is so cute, merci beaucoup Zita!

I love love LOVE these creepy pictures: Fashion’s Gnosis from Pseudo-Occult Media.

Here’s a free Enneagram test, thanks Lauren! Enneagram tests are cool because they can help you get a better understanding of how you work.

Coco de Mer is having a special deal through to Valentine’s Day — what better way to celebrate radical self love than with a delicious toy? Enter COCOFB at the checkout to claim 20% off everything & free shipping!

Big Think’s 10 Most Popular Videos of 2009. Check out the Mary Roach video on the clitoris — her books are brilliant too!

This is my new favourite website: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Amaze. has a red sequinned heart headband which is a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l way to celebrate the month!

Raw On Tour! is a blog by Pandie, a girl I have known for eeeever, who tours the States a lot & is also a raw vegan. It’s all about how she stays raw on the road! It’s new but it’s great, check it out!

Hello rainbow pancakes! Oh my!

Half-up, half-down hair: Dudes love it. Yes they do! Anyway, who cares if they do, it looks GREAT!

I like Trend de la Creme a whole lot.

Ghost Marriage: Not Even Death Can Stop You From Getting Married. Yes, you can marry a ghost?!

Why am I crying during sex? It’s not what you think.

Radical Self Lovelinks, updates, journals, etc.!

28 days of silence is Jacqueline’s journey!

Vanessa is writing one thing she loves about herself every day for 365 days.

Amanda writes, My Valentine? Radical Self Love! Yay!

Luinae from More Magic Always wrote about how she plans to bring magic into her month. The answer? Radical Self Love OF COURSE!

Rigby has a magical hat. & is excellent.

Flutterby3 wrote about radical self love too!

Jessica Lynn’s doing it…

Darling oh Darling from Your Saving Style. A+ on the homework assignment little lady!

Kylie is going to bloom where she is planted

Erin Meagan wants to love all parts of herself.

Here’s Alzy’s Radical Self Love Bible!

… & here’s Bef With An F’s!

I say it’s time to stop wanting to be perfect, But time to be fierce, proud and grounded like a tank, I am going to war, and I’m not there to lose! Let’s start a war, a radical self-love war!

Veebhu is all over it!

It’s happening here too…

Katelan of Constellation Magazine is encouraging you to go red this month!

If you’re taking part in RADICAL SELF LOVE this month, comment with a link to your blog below! Mwah!

John’s Hugnation this week was about #radicalselflove, too!