Carousel: Week Ending 5th November 2010

NOW THIS IS GOTHIC is like your teenage dreams come true. All of them. At once.

Want sex advice from Johnny Knoxville & Chris Pontius? Of course you do!

I love Snoop’s halloween costume! I would have DIED if I’d seen it in person!

Curious about what really happens when Shrinkle, Nubby, Zoetica & myself get together in Los Angeles? I KNOW YOU ARE! Amy wrote it up! What a champ! Here’s part one, part two, part three, & part four. In case you couldn’t tell, we had a really good time!

Try this self-control trick via Sarah Wilson.

Anthropologie’s November Catalog is superb. & I’m not exaggerating. It feels & looks like Tim Walker lite. Know what I mean?

Sabbath Manifesto. It’s official: I am doing this. Really & truly. The time has come!

The Psychedelics Of Strategic Planning. I like this bit:

That’s why I ask some of my clients, “Look, if you, like dropped acid and wrote your business plan, what would it look like?” Works every time.

You can download the book of The Art & Practice of Loving here!

Jonathan Fields on The Bucket List Lie. Harsh, but true. Bucket Lists sure are fun, though!

From Huffington Post: Diana Vreeland, History’s Most Joyous Fashion Editor. My idol!

Dance the ragtime along the boardwalk is a snippet of an interview with the costume designer from Boardwalk Empire! I haven’t seen it yet but I hear the styling is gorgeous.

I adore The Johnny Cash Project.

When it’s time to stop healing and bust outta purgatory (and what my crush on Ed Harris has to do with enlightenment) from Danielle LaPorte.

The Rugged Road | An Ambitious Motorcycle Journey For The Ages is pretty damn inspiring.

In 1934, two incredible women, Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron, set out on a 600cc single-cylinder Panther equipped with sidecar and trailer and rode from London to Cape Town, South Africa. No modern roads, no back up plan, just a giant set of balls that any man would envy. Both women were already accomplished competitive racers, who were savvy enough to raise corporate sponsorship– which just goes to show how seriously they were taken as motorcyclists. The pair shot straight across the Sahara through equatorial Africa, and South to the Cape, on the long and brutal trek without so much as a compass. A feat that no man had dared to even attempt.

Poison Ivy of The Cramps | Psychobilly Guitar Goddess. Hot mama!

Politics in this country make me feel crazy, but what the fuck has Obama done so far? is pretty excellent.

These top 10 Rally To Restore Sanity &/Or Fear signs are so funny!

Dating the Zodiac from Mystic Medusa. Someone needs to do this! Also, I just purchased her Venusian Luxe Confidential: Sex, Magic & Karma which was a paltry $8 & is amaaaaazing! In case you didn’t know, right now Venus is retrograde, so if all your ex-boyfriends are popping out of the woodwork & you just don’t know what to do with your HAIR, you know why! Venusian Luxe Confidential is rad to the max & packed with lots of sanity tips & ways to decode the madness.

Kandee Johnson is lovely. If you don’t know who she is, you’re missing out! She is a makeup artist with a beautiful view of life. Have a read: Don’t let the storms of your past cloud your future!

This punk rock bride shoot is cool, I love her dress!

Jake sent me this song the other day — Right Through Me by Nicki Minaj. I’ve never really liked her other stuff but this track is SO GOOD!

Seth Godin: How can you do it?! How indeed!

I love Rita Konig & her apartment in Greenwich Village. Very English. Very cute.

8 Exotic Destinations You Can Afford. Worldwide travelling on the cheap! Yes!!!

Do Positive People Live Longer? (The answer, of course, is YES!)

So why do positive people live longer? I imagine that it is because they get less stressed in day-to-day life. When something doesn’t quite go to plan, a person with a positive attitude might just deal with it, typically refocus, or even look for another solution. But a person with a negative attitude will typically complain more, get angry or frustrated, and they will expend a lot of energy going over and over in their heads what has happened and how much it is a real inconvenience for them.

This happened near my house: Some guy tried to rob a woman… & she beat the crap out of him.

Claudia Schiffer by Ellen Von Unwerth… Pregnant & all!

Rachel Hills on how to be fabulous in three easy steps.

I know I mentioned Bored To Death yesterday, but that’s only because it’s my new favourite show! I have always loved Jonathan Ames, he is SO funny, & I didn’t even know that Bored To Death had any connection to him until a friend of mine tipped me off. Anyway, this inside the episode makes me laugh. Watch. Enjoy. Honestly, if you have not seen this show, you are missing out!

Shae takes the best photos, seriously! But can we talk her out of moving back to L.A. for the winter? I mean, I know it sucks here in winter, but C’MON! Please stay!!!!!

I judged the winners for Made For Your Favorite Moment, an American Living contest on Polyvore. Here are the top five entries! Congratulations girls! YAY!

Made for: 5 O'clock tea
American Living: Made for the Excitement on Every Single Date
Autumn Walk
Living in Comfort
American Living

Finally, I would love to invite you to a COACH event next Friday!

A few months ago (I don’t remember when, exactly!), Coach picked ten of their favourite bloggers to be in their holiday campaign. We spent the day in a gorgeous studio, being styled, primped, prodded, photographed & filmed. The resulting images will be used in Coach boutiques around the world (!!!) as well as in their mail-outs for Japan & China! TOO exciting. It officially kicks off in-store on November 17th!

To celebrate, Coach is throwing a party at their Soho store! I’ll be there with Shae, Kelly, Arielle & Keiko Lynn, as well as the other girls who took part in the shoot! It’ll be super-fun, so please come along! Wear some sparkles!

“I’m not into tinsel!” Hahaha I don’t even remember saying that!