Carousel — Week Ending 5th October 2007

I can’t belieeeeeve it’s October! You know, that means Hallowe’en is just around the corner (fabulous!), followed by Christmas (scream!). Seriously, I am starting to do that thing you do when you get old, which is where you constantly exclaim, “WHERE did the YEAR go?!” & then roll your eyes around in your skull for emphasis. Okay, anyway… links! & lots of them!

The Princess Bride: Where Are They Now? Don’t tell me you didn’t like this movie, or even worse, have never seen it!

Articles on Rebecca Weinberg, who was Patricia Field’s (SATC stylist) professional & romantic partner. They were together for 11 years, & met when Rebecca was 19 & Patricia was 47! Wow! I didn’t know they were involved! Interview with JW magazine & an interview with Pink magazine.

This advertisement for Vivienne Westwood is beautiful but racy! (So don’t watch it at work.)

The Divine Mrs. V is a piece on Diana Vreeland (my hero!) in New York Magazine.

“”For years I am and always have been looking out for girls to idealize because they are things to look up to, because they are perfect,” she wrote in her diary. But since she had never discovered “that girl or that woman,” she announced, “I shall be that girl.””

Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia… & the model has braces! Toooooo cute!

Patrick Demarchelier for French Vogue, October 2007. Natasha Poly in amazing lace-fronted Givenchy boots, & a cow with the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen. Coo!

Steve Pavlina interviews John Assaraf, a multi-millionaire, public speaker & pretty cool guy, from the sound of things. He has some wonderful & insightful things to say on finding a personal purpose, what his values are, what he thinks prevents people from achieveing the things they are capable of, & much more.

Elyse Sewell is my favourite ever contestant on America’s Next Top Model (followed by Jade, hee!). Here is a video of her answering questions at a party held in her honour in Hong Kong, & it is really super-adorable. Watch it nowwww!

My first crush, cutest video everrrrr! Thank you Rebecca!

Strawberry blossom cupcake recipe. That sounds GOOD.

Ms. Nubby sent me this link: The Art of Writing: 10 Tips from the Masters. She also wrote this brilliant piece, The 5 Secrets To Success, which I adore!

For those of you who like astrology (I can’t help myself), Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone horoscopes for October are up now!

What feels like hundreds of photos by Tim Walker. They are truly beautiful, however.

Things To Consider Before Getting Married from Dumb Little Man. (I hate typing that, it seems so mean, & he obviously isn’t dumb at all! Awww!) Very insightful & thought-provoking. He also recently published How To Work 9 to 5 & Enjoy It!

Jazzi is an intern for Teen Vogue (yes, along with Lauren Conrad!) & her blog is really internesting (hee hee). The photos on this post really speak to me, & fit wonderfully with my new style aesthetic. Yum! Thanks Jazzi!

How to Give Kind Criticism & Avoid Being Critical from Zen Habits. Giving constructive criticism is a very foreign concept to a lot of people, so it’s worth a read!

Ms. Tricia Royal linked to this piece in the Telegraph — ‘People must stop buying and buying‘, an interview with Vivienne Westwood about fast fashion.

Want to do a good thing? Yaatzee is a group of high school girls who’ve formed a company. They sell t-shirts which come with washable markers so you can write your own message — Yaatzee’s mission is to encourage people to be themselves & to express who they are! (I can’t say no to that…) Have a look!

Patricia Field’s apartment (& kitchen)!

Tokyo Hardcore collection by Tarina Tarantino, featuring Davey Havok & Jeffree Star.

I LOVE KARL LAGERFELD, he is a sexy genius.