Carousel — Week Ending 5th September 2008

VoilĂ , it is Friday! I arrive in New York at midnight, & later on today I’ll be heading to Bryant Park to pick up my press credentials & attend the Erin Fetherston show! I have a beaded blue dress all ready to be debuted…

Here are some pretties to keep you entertained on what is usually the most slow, wriggle-inducing day of the working week!

Coilhouse brings the goods. Have a look at Wayne Martin Belger’s Pinhole Paraphernalia. I remember experimenting with pinhole cameras in school — so much fun! I also love this: Kowloon Walled City: The Modern Pirate Utopia. I linked to some pictures of this a while ago, but here are a whole bunch more. & who can resist a modern pirate utopia?! Certainly not me!

Trevor Brown, supremely awesome artist, has a blog. This discovery made my night. It’s not for everyone, though… & certainly not safe for work!

Tina Su writes about Dealing with Difficult People (good stuff there) as well as this really interesting piece, Dream to Reality: How I Quit My Day Job.

Guy Kawasaki on Innovation: Five most important lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur.

Top 10 Signs You Might Be A “Weblebrity”. Haha. Okay, well, I thought it was funny!

Beautiful circus-themed high fashion pretties.

The Fug Girls Answer Your Fashion Week Questions, including information on what to wear, what to take, & how to spot celebrities. Though this was my favourite part…

Q.There are many questions in this world, but none so mystifying as the walk of the male model. It is too stiff and weird for words. Like a woody object has intruded on a posterior orifice. Why on earth do they do that?!

FUG GIRLS: Honestly, we’ll never understand why they stomp around like Eurotrash serial killers with wedgies….

V is for more than Virgin. I love me some Sera Beak. Oh yes.

Made in China — a whole bunch of amazing Chinese photoshoots. I like the Olympics one especially.

(Sorry for the weird formatting! Fixed now!)