Carousel: Week Ending 6th August 2010

Betsey Johnson designed the Eloise suite at the Plaza Hotel & it’s amazing! NEED to stay there. There are a couple more pictures here!

The most extensive collection of Hitler emoticons ever… Since I knew you were wondering.

Jamie Oliver put together a little factsheet on sugar, especially about sugar in drinks, which you should read. You can subscribe to his Food Revolution newsletter too.

I’ve said it before, & I’ll say it again: you really need to follow my friend Shae from Everything Style! She used to own Lullie Vintage, which was (in my opinion) the BEST vintage store on eBay, & now she’s living in NYC. She starts studying photography at SVA in September, but if you ask me, she doesn’t need to learn a thing! Her photos are sumptuous & gorgeous & she is one of the sweetest, most charming people I’ve ever met. I adore her! You will too!

Are you a funseeker or funsucker? This is a hyper-generalised piece but it does have some good points.

Funseeking is simply making the best of any situation. Whether it’s a family dinner or an endless business meeting or traffic on a holiday weekend, funseekers try to find the humor in the mundane. Funseekers rise to the occasion, even if it isn’t much of an occasion! Funsuckers, on the other hand, are not only the “glass half-empty” crowd. They are folks whose lives depend on bringing us all down with them. If funsuckers would only suffer in silence when the plane is delayed or the steak is overcooked, then the rest of us in the “glass half-full ” camp could go on with our lives. But funsuckers feel it is their duty to share the hair in their salad with the rest of table, causing us all to lose our appetites. Funsuckers take themselves –and their issue of the moment –very seriously.

Sex In The Digital City is a GREAT new blog! It’s written by a nonpareil called Kitty, & is about relationships & the way they intersect with technology. There are lots of rad articles including 7 ways Facebook can show that he is just not that into you. I am a fan! Clickola!


Oh my lord. Kanye West tweets as captions for New Yorker cartoons is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. LOVE!!!


THE secret to success. this is IT. for reals. Wise words, Ms LaPorte!

Have you seen Music Philosophy? I just discovered it & ADORE it! My favourites? Love is all you need; If you want to make the world a better place…; & if a double-decker bus…; This is the fast life; How wonderful life is… Oh, & did I mention you can buy one & stick it up in your house? I am going to. You should too! (I emailed the designer, too, with a quote suggestion. Fingers crossed that he actually does it!)

Gala Darling

Rhiannon made this. Thank you Rhiannon! I LOVE it!

Wait, you get Aurora Borealis in Minnesota?! This photo looks like a mermaid disco. There are more pictures here.

Tiger Mike wrote some intense memos. “I am not fond of hippies, long-hairs, dope fiends or alcoholics. I suggest each & every person in a supervisory category (from driller up to me) eliminate these people.”

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School has a new face! Go! Coo! Ooh & ahh! Then attend an event near you!

Hey, do you remember when I posted pictures of myself in Hopeless Lingerie the other day? Well, Gaby wants to offer 20% OFF EVERYTHING to readers! All you need to do is enter ‘GALA’ at checkout! Boom! There’s no better excuse to minx it up!

God bless Little Edie.

OH MY GOD, I LOVE ROYCE!!! “God on a wheel!!!!!” You can read more about them here. I also went a little wild on videos. Watch & ENJOY!

“Darling, without an orchestra, how in the devil could one sing?”

“Los Angeles is the garbage hole of the wo-r-rld,” she says, her hands grandly sweeping the air. “I’m used to huge space, I’m used to elegance. I’m used to the Plaza, I don’t understand anything else! There’s nothing downtown that I’m used to — it’s not my territory — I’m like the leopard in The Snows of Kilimanjaro.”

Hahahah, AMAZING! Maybe I should try & hook up with them when I go to Los Angeles tomorrow!

Have the best weekend ever!