Carousel — Week Ending 6th February 2009

Today’s Carousel is tiny but lively, with plenty of astrology mania & a bit of your average, run-of-the-mill madness. Hope you enjoy!

Friskyscopes — aka love & sex horoscopes — every week at The Frisky.

I just found out about afformations. & I am going to write some more about them soon, because I’m sure they will be useful to plenty of us!

I found this by complete chance: Intoxicated Zodiac Blog is a guide to cocktails by star sign! I love it! I especially like the references to Virgos liking lavender drinks — in my opinion, a lavender martini can’t be beat! I like this too…

“i could not believe how many top level virgo fashionistas there were… more than ANY OTHER SIGN! (Stephen meisel, Tom ford, Claudia Schiffer, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael kors, Anna sui, Hugo boss). these hypercritical angels are actually workaholic nazis… they possess a clarity of vision that can’t be tainted, a determination of will that can’t be swayed, and a heart of loving steel that can’t easily be won.”

Aw, bless.

DailyOM does horoscopes too.

Spooky Medium from Mystic Medusa.

Tell me what you believe now. What did you get? Mine says, “Right now I believe that you should encourage others.”

Shop Therapy is holding a contest where you could win an outfit from ModCloth, & I’m judging! Go forth & enter!

Video horoscopes for 2009 from Diana Garland. I like her!

Cary Tennis nails it. Again.

“This takes years before you go, yeah, OK, I am strangely uncool but so are you so fuck you we can be friends or not I don’t give a rat’s ass.”

Fun things for hoop dance maniacs! Hoop Convergence 2009 happens May 8th through 11th in North Carolina! Sounds good to me! Ditto Hooping University!

Raw Food, Right Now! is an excellent raw food blog brought to you by Heidi & JS Ohlander. I’ve been talking to Heidi & she is super-nice, with a really cool view of food & health — check it out for yourself!

YOU ARE REMARKABLE presents beautiful strong words — 10 of the most beautiful words in the English language, with a link to the next 90! Make it your mission to use one in a sentence today!

If you didn’t subscribe to ZoomDoggle after I linked it last week, you’re missing out. Proof! Let Your Ears Travel, Fresh Prince In One Breath, Cornify (unicorns!) & dear god I am so juvenile.

National Cheerleading Assocation Stunt Fest 2008!
Ohhh my god.