Carousel — Week Ending 6th June 2008

Happy Friday, moons & spoons!

Jellyfish are cool.

& if you’ve never seen this before… it’s pretty cool too.

Yummy aesthetics: A selection of photographs by Simon Lekias; ditto Tara Darby; here’s a Tom Ford advertising campaign by Terry Richardson (yes, of course there is nudity); Yohji Yamamoto advertising campaigns; a colourful & FABULOUS editorial from Dazed & Confused; & Phillippe Salomon rocks my world.

A Woman In Full, a feature on Angelina Jolie from Vanity Fair. (I love Ms. Jolie.)

It’s as if the Jolie-Pitts are pioneering a new genre of family, with children from every global hot spot and parents who are beautiful and famously not married. “People have made a lot out of it that we’re not,” she said, “but we both have been married before, and it’s very easy to get married, but it’s not easy to build a family and be parents together.”

Sex & The City: A Product Placement Roundup from Vanity Fair Daily. Honestly, the product placement bugged me. Now I know why.

The liberating effect of failure from CNN Money.

I saw the image on this article — Independent Fashion Bloggers: Your Turn — & knew I had to link it in my carousel. What a delightful surprise to see that Jennine mentions iCiNG as an example! I am very flattered… & of course, I totally agree with her!

Nubby asks, Does Your Stuff Define Who You Are? Check out the commentary, too.

Shay emailed me about this cool DIY project: How To Make Cupcake Bath Fizzies. What could be better than a cupcake in the bath?

…Wait, I can answer that! Cupcakes dancing! Azalea recommended this video in her comment on Things I Love Thursday, & it is SO incredible that I just had to share…

Sark’s e-letter for June is all about doing things badly, more often! It’s very charming. Read it now!

Neo-Martha from the Oktavia community. Cute easy decorating ideas, yay!

If you liked my piece from Wednesday — Marianne Williamson’s quote & my added bits — you will be in equal amounts of rapture watching Lindsey Markel read it. WOW!

Songza is “the music search engine”. Ooh la la! The possibilities! It’s really cool. Enjoy!

Norman Vincent Peale’s Top 10 Positive Pearls of Wisdom from the Positivity Blog.

Seth Godin’s email checklist. Read it! Learn it! Live it!

How To Take A Mini-Retirement: Tips & Tricks from (who else?) Timothy Ferriss.

I just found this girl, Julia Nunes on Youtube. She plays covers of songs on her ukelele. Sometimes she uses a tissue box & a wooden spoon as percussion. She is good & has a cute personality. Listen/watch! It will make you smile!

& finally, Tina Su writes The Panacea For Putting Things Off — something I think we can all relate to!

Enjoy your Friday!