Carousel: Week Ending 6th November 2009

Things to click, watch, read, & laugh at. You’re welcome!

This is a video of CunninLynguists doing Nothing to Give live in HD. Oh god this is so good. Don’t those boys sound great? I can’t wait to see them. You should see them too.

Best shower curtain of all time! Creepylicious.

Zaina emailed me about her new project, Countdown for Change. Check it out!

“My class and I have been really distressed by what is happening in the Asia Pacific Region and so we have come together and are raising money to go towards the Canadian Red Cross International Relief Fund for the disasters in Asia Pacific. We have developed our own organization called Countdown for Change and our mission is to help create awareness and funding for the Asia Pacific communities that have been affected by the multiple natural disasters. These disasters have left hundreds of people dead and thousands displaced and stranded without food, suitable drinking water, shelter and medical aid.”

Here’s my hot pick for Social Flossie. I am really a dirty old man at heart.

What’s the deal with blackface in editorials? COME ON. Give us a break!

The 10 Most Vain Cities in America. Do you agree?

My favourite Scorpio (& birthday boy!), Philip McCluskey just released a DVD: Transforming Your Life With Raw Food. The boy knows his stuff, too — he is such an ecstatic person & a delight to be around. Anyway, check it out!

The Worst Sex Scene In Comics. Oh lawd. “I’ll roll your log down the river…” ?!

Depression link to processed food. No big shock, but nice to see it backed by science!

Eating a diet high in processed food increases the risk of depression, research suggests. What is more, people who ate plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish actually had a lower risk of depression, the University College London team found.

I was interviewed by Miseducated! Amber Renee is lovely.

CarouselAgyness Deyn & Alexa Chung do Wayne’s World. Cute!

Verhext’s photos from Day of the Dead.

Dispelling Illusions: The Real Value of Fashion’s Night Out from Fashionably Marketing. This is a really informative & well thought-out piece. It’s interesting to hear about what actually happened on Fashion’s Night Out. I wasn’t in town at the time, but most of what I remember from Twitter was a bunch of New Yorkers complaining about how packed out everything was!

10 Reasons It’s Awesome People Don’t Like You.

5. It prepares you for great success. Pick one of your favorite popular Twitterers, be it a celebrity or social media guru (there are a ton). Go look at their @replies. Odds are they field their fair share of harsh comments. The higher you rise the more negative feedback you’ll receive, both constructive and unnecessary. Being disliked and OK with it prepares you for making it big.

The extended trailer for Alice In Wonderland was released. Helloooooo there.

Shhhh. I think yes and yes is my new favourite blog. Don’t tell anyone.

Francesca Lia Block has an actual blog now: Love in the time of global warming.

10 Amazing Office Designs Around The World & Castle on the Ocean Papercraft by Wataru Itou. Radzilla.

No link for this one, but this is a quote from Mary Harron, the director of American Psycho, about Christian Bale’s inspiration for the role of Patrick Bateman.

“One day he (Bale) called me & he had been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, & he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, & he was really taken with this energy.”

Hudson Mohawke is on Warp Records, & he is amazing. Seriously, listen to this, this (you can download that one here) & this. & he does all this with Fruityloops?! Are you kidding me?! Killer. Here’s an interview & an MP3 of a mix he did for Fader.

The Best Decline Letter of All-Time: Edmund Wilson. Awesome.

Um, anyone in the market for an unlucky rabbit foot voodoo key chain? Sadly, bidding has closed…

“This charm has been washed of all of it’s Luck giving properties and has been dosed with 74% Hate and 26% Repentance. Feel the Voodoo power ooze from your Gnarled grapplers as you wave this in the general direction of your adversarys and creditors… This is NOT vegan!…”

Pulp Fiction Remixed! People are so clever I can’t stand it.

Fafilicious! I love the outfit photos taken in her studio. & I love that she wears YSL pumps.

This weekend, you should make these cupcakes.

Seth Godin on trolls.

“Can’t please everyone,” isn’t just an aphorism, it’s the secret of being remarkable.

The idea of a want journal is a good one.

Susannah Breslin has a new blog, & it is sure to be good, so bookmark that sucker! Did I link to her essay, They Shoot Porn Stars Don’t They? the other week? If not, go forth & read. I couldn’t tear myself away, but beware, it might be triggering for some.

Good news if you like Cassie from Skins. Pictures galore! “Oh, wow!”

& a video or two to round it out.

The skunk skipping away merrily at the end is the best bit.


Have a fantastic weekend — here’s to good weather, spontaneous adventures & lots of kisses!