Carousel — Week Ending 7th August 2009

Now, I’m all for “twee”, and “sweatercore”, or whatever you want to call it… from Boner Party. See below!

“anyway, look. we as a ‘youth movement’ should be arrogant. take a page from Shepard Fairey’s book (literally) and poster the streets with our wants and desires. document all of this. where’s our Jay McInerney and our “Bright Lights Big City”? where’s our damn Public Enemy? hell, we don’t even have a Rage Against The Machine…”

Ethan from jimmyjane shares tips on how to introduce a vibrator into your relationship!

Nice view.

Don’t let… from Le Love, one of my favourite blogs.

Hello, The Book Seer is amazing! Type in the book you’ve just finished reading & it will spit out a bunch of recommendations for your next literary indulgence.

Magic is as magic does is a Flickr group. They say…

You know those moments in life that make your heart seize up, that make you say “Wow, my life is amazing and magical and I am so so blessed to be here in this moment now?” This flickr group is to remind us of those tiny moments and share them with others. Vignettes, tea parties, waterfalls, tidepools, a cozy corner of your home, a visit to your friend’s wonderful house – if you experienced it, please add it here!

List of chics on Wikipedia. That is not a typo!

In the mood for a bit of mean humour? I usually don’t link to things like this, but really… it is funny. SEXY EXECUTIVES — The finest corporate photography is worth your clicks.

My friend Deanne has declared August HOOP BOOT CAMP month, & it’s totally rad, full of great tips & suggestions for getting the most out of your hooping practice! You can catch up here… Day one, day two, day three & day four! I love this video of a super-chilled arm workout filmed on the beach in Japan, too!

Me for ChinaShop: All Points West Poncho Party & The Boudoir Queen.

Makeover Madness by Steven Meisel. This editorial is so disturbing & brilliant at the same time!

David Dallas’ new album Something Awesome comes out on August 31st, I cannot tell you how excited I am!

Steve Pavlina wrote this massssssive 7-part (I think) post on How To Network With Busy People, & so much of what he says is totally on the mark. Here are part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six & part seven.

I love Quentin Blake! He & Roald Dahl shaped my childhood very much. Which is why I feel like I need this print, even though it is very small (410mm!). “She reckons on doing away with one child a week.” !!! The Grand High Witch is one of my favourite characters ever!

On the subject… I like this set of Roald Dahl-influenced photographs.

Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear is one of the most aware things I have read in a while. It’s about one woman’s response when her husband of 20 years tells her he doesn’t love her any more.

Unorthodox Workouts in New York City. Rad.

This is my kind of blog: SHOELUST. (Sri finds the best things! Let’s give the girl a round of applause, huh?!)

7 Reasons It’s Awesome You’re Stressed. Haha! Yes! The positive reframe wins again!

You should contribute to SMILING FACE FILM by Yoko Ono! (My favourite.)

My ultimate goal in film-making is to make a film which includes a smiling face snap of every single human being in the world. Of course, I cannot go around the whole world and take the shots myself. I need cooperation from something like the post offices of the world. If anybody would drop a snapshot of themselves and their families to the post office of their town, or allow themselves to be photographed by the nearest photographic studio, this would be soon accomplished.

Of course, the film would need constant adding of footage. Probably no-one would like to see the whole film at once, so you can keep it in a library or something, and when you want to see some particular town’s people’s smiling faces you can go and check that section of the film. We can also arrange it with a television network so that whenever you want to see faces of a particular location in the world, all you have to do is to press a button and there it is. This way, if Johnson wants to see what sort of people he killed in Vietnam that day, he only has to turn the channel. Before this you were just part of a figure in the newspapers, but after this you become a smiling face. And when you are born, you will know that if you wanted to, you will have in your lifetime to communicate with the whole world. That is more than most of us could ask for. Very soon, the age may come where we would not need photographs to communicate, like ESP, etc. It will happen soon, but that will be “After The Film Age”.

Yoko Ono, London ‘67

Rhymesayers Entertainment (best label) are looking for artists & graphic designers! Hellooooo, send in your portfolio!

Mystic Medusa breaks down astro-fitness. So very funny.

The Frisky is good stuff. How To Talk Dirty from the Mind Of Man column is especially awesome. Male Dependency is an interesting read too. Are you happier in a relationship than you are when you’re single?

Ever wanted to see a dachshund race? AHHHHHHHHH!

I will always love Bukowski.

I am very into this quote too.

How Air Travel Can Be Made Less Annoying from the New York Times. A bunch of people weigh in & give their opinions. American domestic travel is a nightmare, especially when you compare it to the kind of service you get in New Zealand or Australia. There is no excuse! I wish they’d get it together!

How To Get Cheap Flights from Art of Travel.

Luxirare is an incredible fashion/baking blog. Truly incredible.

I really need this cloud sofa. I am not kidding. That thing is perfect.

PLUS, my favourite girl in Australia — & owner of the legendary Sugadeaux Cupcakes — is holding a competition to name their newest cupcake! It’s vanilla & cardamom cake with pistachio frosting. I’m not going to enter, but if I did, I think it should just be called… Roger. Hee!

The Witches!