Carousel — Week Ending 7th December 2007

Tenrikyo manga“Just being alive makes me happy! What a waste it would be to not show some initiative!”

Top 10 Most Preternaturally Beautiful Men. Yum! See also Coilhouse Style Vanguard: Princest. Intriguing & beautiful, but what else would you expect from the evil geniuses at Coilhouse?!

Kate Spade ads from the Newestwrinkle community. I agree with the original poster, who said that those advertisements would be a nice world to live in. Anyone who can make books sexy gets a big tick from me. (Observant people will note the Olivetti Valentine in the last photo! Drool!)

Photojojo is allll about cool things to do with your photos. So awesome! Thanks Nadine!

We Tried It: Grilled Cheese from the Cincinatti Weekly. This is a cute little piece on the infamous “grilled cheese with truffle oil” sandwich from the first episode of Gossip Girl. Hee!

Tricia Royal bites back at people who criticise other people’s sartorial choices! Preach it, sister! (Seriously, life’s too short to just sit around & judge people. Who cares?!)

Asperger’s Syndrome Gets A Very Public Face, a piece from the New York Times about Heather on America’s Next Top Model. I love Heather so much that I’m not watching the rest of the series — I’m just not interested anymore!

More Gossip Girl madness — how to be like Serena Van Der Woodsen & how to be like Blair Waldorf, from Wikihow.

Phillipp von Hessen for German Elle. I am a sucker for masquerade masks on beautiful women. Now you know my secret weakness!

Tina Su rocks my world! 40 Simple Gift Ideas to Spark a Smile is totally worth reading, as is The 5 Myths of Positive Mental Attitude.

Meditation Techniques for the Busy or Impatient, from Dumb Little Man. Great tips! Yay!

& if you’re quick, there’s a Chanel show being broadcast live, right this instant! You should tune in — it’s always worth it for a glimpse of Lagerfeld’s genius. Mmmmm!

Erykah Badu on Def Poetry Jam.

Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford. A++++!

Snoop Dogg’s new video! He’s wearing a turban!
Major vocoder overload but hey… I forgive him.