Carousel — Week Ending 7th March 2008

Happy Friday!

A woman takes dominatrix lessons, courtesy of Bizarre magazine. Pretty interesting!

Photographs by Marc Lagrangebeaucoup du nudity, though, so no peeking at work! His website is here.

This is my new favourite picture: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen in an embrace with Karl Lagerfeld. Seriously, it melts my heart. & look at Mary-Kate’s sunglasses! Delicious!

Anthony, the infamous raw model, writes about re-creating Eden. I love reading his blog, it is truly refreshing & beautiful.

I’ve been asked recently to compile a list of raw websites that I read. I actually don’t read many, but if you want to really tear into it, check out They Like To Give It To Me Raw! It’s one big RSS feed of all the best raw blogs — lots of information from lots of different places!

Design That Kills interviewed one of my favourite girls, Nubby Twiglet! A super read for anyone who wants to know what’s behind the big red cross…

This is my new favourite thing. I am a huge nerd.

Living For Ourselves from DailyOM. I woke up to this email the other day & it made me go, “Oooooh…”

In case you didn’t know, Oprah has teamed up with Eckhart Tolle, an amazing writer, to present weekly classes about his new book. The book is called A New Earth & it’s about awakening to your purpose. Tune in to the first video class here!

Blogging is good for your social health! Pfffttt, I could’ve told you that…

For all of you who went ga-ga over the Christian Dior dress I posted the other day, have a peek at Christian Dior: Je suis Couturier. Lots of pictures for maximum drooling!

Self Doubt, SXSW, & The Evils of Comparison by Halcyon. Yarrrr, it’s worth a read, me hearties! (Sorry about the random piratey inflection… sometimes it sneaks up on me!)

Sexual Identity Online, by Violet Blue.

Natalia Rose is a raw nutritionist based in New York. This is her blog & it’s full of very interesting stuff.

Sex & The City Movie: The Fashion! A clip giving a sneak preview of the wardrobe department! (Drool.)

Fashion With A Sense Of Humour from Sing Eclectic. I like this post very much.

5 Traits You Will Need on Your Way to Becoming a Leader from Dumb Little Man.

If you’re a fan of SARK, have a listen to this… hip tranquil chick podcast #122: being succulent with SARK.

Free From Strategy by Halcyon

Chanel advertisement.

Cribs with Louis XVI!

I was interviewed for The Daily Special!