Carousel — Week Ending 7th November 2008

Doing what you love can lead to more than just happiness & Wine Guy Gary Vaynerchuk Takes on ‘Yes We Can’ Attitude for Startups. Thanks, Gary!

Sex-related news! Overweight women have more sex. Woman’s gait predicts sexual pleasure. Huh! & Couple wants global orgasms for peace. Get ready, December 22nd! is completely fascinating. I spent many hours here the other day.

Make sure spouse has the ‘right’ faults from CNN by way of Oprah.

“He’s often late, which is inconsiderate = I fear not being sufficiently appreciated. Thanks, Dad. He thinks about his needs first, and mine second = If you express your needs, no one will love you. Thanks, Mom.”

Also, beware catching this from your spouse. If you’re in a crappy relationship, read this & take action! I’ve written about mirror neurons here before, but it’s always good to be reminded…

I am obsessed with Plasterdoll.

Steve Pavlina is juice-feasting as part of his new raw food experience. Juice-feasting has always seemed a bit extreme to me, & doesn’t interest me all that much, but what he has to say about how it’s going is really fascinating.

Sweetiepie opens at the start of December… & when I get back to the States, I am so there. (Coolhunting interview!)

Cary Tennis forever! Attractive men scare me, so I only date ugly ones!

Among the index cards you might want to use at this time are ones containing the addresses of various bars, instruction phrases for the cab driver, and things to say to the attractive man sitting next to you in the dark, such as, “Take your hand off my knee,” or, “Put your hand on my knee,” or, “Let’s play Twister.”

By the way, for those of you who went ga-ga over my sequinned hoodie the other day, you can buy them online! $27.80, quelle steal!

I just discovered this yesterday! Dear Americans, if you have to call someone but you don’t want to talk to them, try Slydial! It will put you straight through to their voicemail so you can leave them a message. Perfect for calling in “sick” & skiving out of family occasions! Woohoo!

Punk rock cookies are good for what ails ya!

Want an introduction to delicious, mind-warping dark breakcore? Of course you do! I love Bong-Ra very much (& would die to see him live someday)! Check out Darkbreaks Vol 1&2 for FREE! Oh, you’re very welcome. He has also posted a whole lot of hour-long live mixes. Mmmm, delicious.

Vampire jokes: so good they’re bad. Oh, I am such a nerd.

This is the best wedding dress I have ever seen. As Jasmine said in her email to me, “Looks like My Little Pony and Tinkerbell totally got it on nasty-style in a magical rhinestone shop and this dress was their sparkling bastard love child!” That’s my kind of dress!

This link is NOT safe for work but it made me laugh so hard I almost… Well, you know. It’s many, many years old, but is a review of a fake vagina, by Hug Nation’s John Halcyon Styn. Seriously, it is unbelievably hilarious. You will enjoy it, I promise.

I don’t know what the hell happened with Prop 8 (other than nothing good), but this video from milkfat is too funny not to post.

Finally, How To Make A Virgo Fall In Love With You. It’s almost completely accurate, hahah. For me, anyway!