Carousel — Week Ending 7th September 2007

Bonjour! Over here in the antipodes, it just struck Friday. ¬°Felicidades!, & all that! Here are some links to get you through the routine drudgery that can be the last day of the working week…

Key To My Heart is a little piece about a new love ritual taking place in Italy. Lovers buy a chain & a padlock (with key), write their names on the lock, then wrap it around a lamp-post & throw the key into the river… Awww.

Yehudi Menuhin plays Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5. Okay, not everyone’s cup of tea, granted, but it’s so very Addams Family. Not to mention, the violinist has a delightfully square head!

Kingdom of Style found a lovely source for anyone lusting over Prada socks…

A (NSFW) but TOTALLY saucy video featuring sexy, curvy vixens, sitting on washing machines…

Overcoming Jealousy by Steve Pavlina. As always, it’s worth reading!

Angelina Jolie looking incredible in an ad campaign for St John, shot by Mario Testino. She is too gorgeous.

30 Happiness Tips: Program Your Life for Optimum Enjoyment from Dumb Little Man. I love Dumb Little Man, they have excellent posts all week long. You should subscribe to it via RSS!

My Brand New Life from the BBC. (Thanks, Christina!) A man decides to live brand-free for a year… admirable, but not a perfect scenario. He burned his possessions when he could have given them to charity, & the sum of his efforts is a book, which is really all about consumption, isn’t it? Anyway, food for thought.