Carousel — Week Ending 8th August 2008

Clara Bow…With your host, Clara Bow!

24 Hours Of Flickr happens today, Friday the 8th of August! Take a photo of your life today (or tomorrow, dear Americans) & share it in the Flickr 888 group. Yay!

Patrick Demarchelier & Gemma Ward for Vogue India. Pretty. Shiny. Good.

Nogoodforme interviews Francesca Lia Block! Yay!

Dealing with email overload? Keep your responses to five sentences or less! This is pretty much something I have had to implement, even before I read it, because otherwise I would spend my entire life digging through my inbox. Anyway, it’s an interesting read, have a look.

I love the crazy broads at Coilhouse. They’re putting together a magazine, did you know? The Making Of A Magazine: Coilhouse Issue 01 is a cool behind-the-scenes peek. Craigslist Ad For Super Mario Bros Sex is pretty amazing, too.

The scariest cakes I have ever seen. & I don’t say that lightly!

Rich People Rooftops NYC is a Flickr set of, well, you probably already guessed, but the finest-lookin’ rooftops on offer in NYC. Some of them look pretty great. I still have a special fondness for my one, though!

Watermelon pink nail polish for everyone!

Twitter seems to have sorted itself out so I am back to encouraging everyone I know to sign up again! Twitter has been a great source of joy to me this last week, so make an account & follow me & HAVE FUN!

Mary-Kate Olsen for Elle UK.