Carousel — Week Ending 8th February 2008

Happy Friday! Yay!

Food & Money, a Flickr photoset. Photographs of families around the world with the food they eat in a week & how much they spend on it. Very interesting. There is one guy who has taken the time to leave weird ranty comments on each picture, but it’s quite intriguing to see the way people eat & how they spend their money. From those photographs, the main thing I can deduce is that people who spend the least eat the most heathily — & look happiest — while those who are spending the most seem to be pretty much filling up on absolute rubbish. Pre-packaged, sugar-laden nothingness. Not what I would have expected at all.

Foodland. Wow.

I believe that literature is working, even amidst this chaos, with a power that can change the world — an interview with Haruki Murakami, one of the best authors everrr.

How To Thrift Like A Pro by Miss Cedar.

Absolutely mind-blowing underwater fashion portraits. So beautiful. I used one of these pictures yesterday in TiLT.

How to deal with Mercury retrograde — which we’re in right now — from Astrostyle. I love Astrostyle. The twins are awesome.

Miniature spy guns! Gun pipes, crucifixes & lots of other cool stuff. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with spies; this link totally re-activated my obsession.

New year’s resolutions to spice up your sex life from Daily Bedpost! I guess I should have posted this in January but you can start any time!

Nectar & Light is a beautiful new photography blog worth your time!

The Secret To Huge Breakthroughs On Your Goals from Dumb Little Man. It’s February & your goals might be lagging a bit — but it’s never too late to pick them up & dust them off!

Nubby’s having a Valentine’s Day sale on her heart-themed t-shirts! They’re only $10 a pop & they’re fabulous. I have been meaning to pick up one of her black heart/cross shirts for a long time, so I think finally the moment has arrived!

Anyone who takes Paxil or Seroxat should read this.

America’s Next Top Model top 10 makeovers. I’m not sure that I agree with all of their choices, but still!

Hilary Alexander‘s blog for the Telegraph is essential reading for anyone with a lust for fashion — & I love her even more because she, too, gives it up for Victoria Beckham.

Raw stuff: The Joy Of (Less) Sleep & Super-Hydration (I am going to give this a go).

Why Wearing Stilettos Could Boost Your Sex Life from the Daily Mail. Ooh, ahh! Like you needed any more excuses… !

Real Sex Tantalizes As Processed Porn Gets Boring from Wired. But wasn’t processed porn always boring?

What can you do with your garden?



Yoko Ono reading from Grapefruit (one of my favourite books).