Carousel: Week Ending 9th April 2010

Friday! HELLO LOVER! Internet treasures pour vous!

Art for art’s sake goes down the drain — all about the Melbourne City Drain Painters, who use coloured light to create art. (As seen in the picture above!)

Jenna Lyons is the Creative Director of J. Crew & her style/aesthetic is really interesting & very appealing to me! Here’s a look at her office

& here’s what it’s like to spend a day with her. (Cool pictures.)

Beyond the Bad Boys: A quiet revolution in male behaviour. Oh reeeeeeeeeally?! How nice.

I am so proud to call Yuli a friend of mine. Girl is SMART. What the fashion industry can learn from the iPad release!

Mrs. Lilien Styling House is the blog of a designer & stylist, & it is so great!

Blondes earn more than brunettes! They also marry wealthier men! How interesting!

Retail buying, for real… from Cerezas Y Tigres. This is so interesting!

“With Levi’s now made of varying materials in varying countries, two identical pairs of style 501 you’ve worn forever (and in the exact same size) will now vary by up to 3 inches in length and 2.5 inches in the waist. The washes and finishes will have no consistency and the cut and feel will most likely be unrecognizable.”

Ideal weekend project: make lavender macarons! (I love flower-flavoured anything!)

Kissez is a Tumblr of pictures of people kissing. Smooching. Nibbling on each other’s faces. LOVELY!

Aahahaha. Unfortunate ironic t-shirts to get arrested in. Ironic t-shirts are ALWAYS a bad idea but especially in these pictures.

From Lost At E Minor: 4Pat restaurant in Paris sure is a looker! This ice house in Detroit is amazing! & I love the Rainbow Body.

Obama receives prayers on his Blackberry. I’m not religious but this makes me like him more, for some reason…

Bra Mitzvah: Becoming a Man Through Lingerie. @rabbitwhite tweeted this at me, & I absolutely loved it. It is wonderfully written, made me laugh out loud & is basically brilliant. Enjoy.

I’m sure I have seen photos of this home online before, but here are some more taken by The Selby. Cindy Gallop’s apartment in New York City is pretty fabulous.

Cindy Gallop is quite brill in her own right. She created (watch the video, FANTASTIC) & Make Love Not Porn, both great interactive projects (read: GET INVOLVED!).

Returning with Danielle LaPorte. God, she is so cool.

My friend Sam made a Doomtree mix which is magnificent. You should download it, listen to it & be productive. ‘Cause that’s what I did on Tuesday!

Wow, Elfpath is rad! They have a FREE introductory course which teaches you about grounding & basic energy work (everyone should learn these things, truly), & then the optional intermediate & advanced courses cover remote energy healing, shielding, tapping energy from a higher source, developing intuitive capabilities, etc. Hellooooooo amazing! Annalien emailed me about it, & said,

“What we are trying to do is make people realise their own potential and spiritualness. We want to change the world, by helping people be happier by being themselves and being balanced. I thought of you because your blog seems to be about just doing that, being happy with who you are and reaching for the stars, in a good lighthearted and honest way. No crazy diets or weirdo rituals involved.”

Sounds perfect to me.

Anna introduced me to Rocoquirk, a round-up of great pictures.

Two rebuttals to the Sandra Bullock trade article from last week, from Student Life & Lemondrop.

“You’re out of your element, Donny”… Lebowski Fest is happening in Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle, Louisville & New York!

Project 18 was started by a nonpareil! “Project 18 exists to improve the quality of life of orphaned and underprivileged children by providing a safe environment in which to grow, whilst educating them for a brighter future living in harmony with their environment.” Yes, amazing. Get involved!

Erin Fetherston is so cool. Watch her on Sundance’s Catwalk Countdown.

“Fashion, for the longest time, was very tied to social change… This is a medium which people use to make statements about their identity… You can see where a society is. That’s something I love about looking at fashion history — you can really see so much change.”

Party photographers (& the socialites who sleep with them). Wow, really?

TEDTalks: Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids. “Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs “childish” thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids’ big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups’ willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.”

I love Angeliska’s Magic Windows series. Pink peppermint & blue lavender candyfloss! Yes please!

Mystic Medusa wrote about this Virgo Zodiac Designer. Ummmm, what do you think? I love how she says, “The archetypal Aries is a bit scared of vintage anything & their ideal bag is more like a money belt or an actual servant who walks behind lugging the stuff.” Brilliant. Anyway, if you want to know how I feel about those bags, my comment is the first one…

Love as Yoga from Crazy Sexy Life.

“Not long ago, I caught a segment on Oprah where a couple who had been together for many years were on the verge of divorce. Both were extremely stressed out and ready to call it quits. They were given the homework assignment to have sex every day for a year. After a year, they came back on the show happier than ever… Then, the couple started to talk more intimately about their journey. After time, it wasn’t about sex anymore. The assignment forced them to create at least 20 minutes a day with each other and nothing else—no TV, no cell phones, no work, no computer—just them in their truest element. Over the course of the year, bonding took precedence over sex: conversation, staring into each others’ eyes, touching one another, and laughing became a daily practice. The couple found that the forced time to have sex led the desire to simply be with each other. It was the couples’ decision to turn their marriage into a practice that saved their marriage, not the sex. As I continued my studies of yoga, I came to see that just like yoga, love flourishes when it becomes a practice…”

Your surrender is significant by Holly.

Focus rituals. We could all learn something from this…

Do this! View it full-size, watch intently & then look away. I looked at my bulletin boards & they were pulsing & crazy, so funny. Hahah!

EXTENDED TRAILER, oh my lord. Jewelled turban! Hello! AIDAN! What what! I had to watch it twice. I am so psyched. & I didn’t even like the first one! Whatever whatever, I am so excited!

…But wait, there’s more! I am doing something new & special in two hours! Be sure to check back. I think you’ll like it. HEE!