Carousel — Week Ending 9th February 2007

Some Friday reading for you! All of these links are 100% worth following. So do it when your boss isn’t watching.

The Miuccia Prada quotes at the bottom of this article are fantastic. “Buying a $5,000 handbag just as a status symbol is a sign of weakness. Daring to wear something different takes effort. Unfortunately, there are few women who dress the way they think, but it’s happening more with the new generations. People are choosing, thinking.”

Really eye-opening article on Anna Wintour’s influence from the New York Times. “From my point of view, it’s a very positive way of demonstrating her power. She lets you know it’s not a problem if you can’t do something she wants. But she makes you understand that if you could, she would be very supportive with her magazine. She really makes you understand that.”

This guy is exceptionally well-dressed. Thanks, Face Hunter!

The cover of Vogue Italia for February. So brilliant. It actually makes me want to go out & buy it, which I don’t think has ever happened with a photo on a cover before.

Stella McCartney designs range for Target Australia. Wow! Amazing! American Target got Proenza Schouler (& anyone who reads a lot of fashion sites — & isn’t American — will probably tell you they are sick to death of hearing about it), but Australian Target gets Stella! Great news! The collection will be launched at Melbourne’s L’Oreal Fashion Week & will be available instore from March 12th.

Susie Bubble writes a manifesto… of sorts which I like very much.