Carousel — Week Ending 9th January 2009

Merry Friday!

Supreme Freak = “high fashion porn”. Just what we all needed, yes?

JUSTJR is a goodie too.

There’s a High Heel Shoe Museum online! Well, I never…

YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS is a zine by Lindsey Markel which I just discovered & really love. If you click the link you can listen to the free podcast version of her zine, which she describes as…

“my love letter to every girl. very pro-optimism, pro-masturbation, pro-empowerment.”

…I listened to it & grinned a whole bunch, I hope you do too.

I don’t really know what this site is for but it makes me smile nonetheless. It’s basically about embracing the pain & pleasure of hooping! Click! HooppaiN. Motto? “Bruises are sexy.” Couldn’t agree more. They also say,

“plastic plus velocity equals hematoma. love it. some of our mythology:
total fucking control, then let go
if you ain’t dropping it, you ain’t doing it right.
bruises are sexy.
find your groove
hoop like you’re fucking (the corollary works, too)
now stop reading and go practice. don’t come back until you break something.”

Keely of Good Prattle called me the day after hallowe’en, & we had a cute conversation. The first part is here.

Sera Beak’s New Year Redsolutions. God, she is an inspiring woman, isn’t she?

These postcards are totally awesome. I think I need some.

Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters!

Want to be part of the Top Secret Dance Off? Of course you do!

Leo Babauta knows what’s up. The Single Secret to Making 2009 Your Best Year Ever.

Daily Routines: how writers, artists & other interesting people organize their days.

If you have a Mac, cute up your desktop with cupcake icons!

My boy Chew Fu has a new mix which you should wrap your filthy little ears around, & if you’re in Australia, GO SEE HIM! He’s in Sydney on the 10th & 24th of January, Melbourne on the 17th, Canberra on the 25th & Brisbane on Valentine’s Day! Be sure to give him a big kiss on my behalf, hmm?

More music, yay! Did You Drunk Text My Mustache Last Night? mixed by Millions Billions & Tendercakes is a goodie! It is almost as good as I Think The Cookies Are Done, which I totally thrashed — maybe even better. So gobble it up & enjoy!

A teeny round-up of some excellent retro futuristic fashions.

The Survivor Mindset: How Role Models Create Opportunities from Rock Your Day. I found this article reeeeally interesting, it’s about how we live according to the expectations of our peer group.

DJ Earworm did good mashing up the top 25 hits of 2008.You can get the MP3 here.P.S. Subscribe to his blog now!

Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit – Dinosaur On The Ark.I love this song plenty much.& you can download the entire album here!