Carousel — Week Ending 9th March 2007


Great outfit from Face Hunter. I’m not crazy about the shape of the dress, but I absolutely love how she’s put it together.

Very nice outfit from Style Scout.

Casapinka is an adorable blog which I just discovered & love! From their about page: “An Australian interior designer and American mom met in cyberspace and decided to redesign an eighties house without ever meeting. Using photos, internet shopping sites, magazines, and their imaginations, they are embarking on a year long odyssey to obliterate every nasty carpet and plastic vanity in the house. This is their story.”

Pantone phones in Japan. I am totally a “light blue” & “pink” girl. They make me feel all wobbly-knee’d. Yum.

I don’t totally agree with this piece from The Fashionist, but I do agree with the following quote: “Can you tell which one is cheapy Target and which one costs $350? Probably. But would you feel clever spending $350 on either shoe? I should hope not. Though one has actual stacked wood and the other is merely printed-on pleather, the difference isn’t that noticeable. And when something expensive doesn’t give off the appearance of quality, you are a sucker for buying it.”

Faking Good Breeding writes about the whiteness makeover.