Carousel — Week Ending 9th May 2008

Yummy pictures! Subaquatic Beauty from Numero Tokyo; photographs by Therese Aldgard; a Jimmy Choo advertising shoot (but most interesting are the behind-the-scenes pictures); Siri Tollerad by Miles Aldridge (mmm, colour!); Liselotte Watkins (gorgeous); Christina Ricci is beautiful.

The 18 Most Valuable Parts to Success from Dumb Little Man.

Body Language — tips & tricks. Recommended by Mark. Thanks, Mark!

Durian Magazine from Japan! Non-FRUiTS street fashion photography, very inspiring.

The Five Ps: Breaking Down Big Dreams Into Little Steps from The Simple Dollar.

Apartment Therapy tour of Sharilyn Wright’s studio in Vancouver. Sharilyn owns Lovely Design, & it really is lovely. Have a look!

21 Ways to Shoot Better Photographs — lots of great tips!

How To Pass For A Native New Yorker, thanks to Eden! I love this one: A New Yorker never waits on line for a cupcake. !!!