Carousel: Why French Women Don’t Burn Out

CarouselSylvie Vartan, you are a babe. Click the link for today’s song!

Hello, Friday! We greet you with open arms. I think we all deserve the weekend this week! Can I get an “amen”?! So, if you’re counting down the hours until you get to knock off for a couple of days, here are some things to keep you busy…

Apparently, French women don’t burn out… & Rachel is altering her work routine so it’s more like Simone de Beauvoir’s.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Sarah Wilson’s stuff on quitting sugar. This article from The Guardian — Why Our Food Is Making Us Fat — spells out exactly why sugar is so dangerous.

Shae is one of my favourite photographers — & this is a perfect example of why!

I just discovered Derek Sivers’ blog so here are about a trillion things from it that I loved… Advice on moving to LA, zip it, nobody’s going to help you & happiness is letting someone make you the villain. He also made copious notes on some of his favourite books & there is some really eye-opening, perception-shattering stuff in there. Check out The Personal MBA, Seeking Wisdom, Stumbling On Happiness, The War of Art (sooooooo good), The Power of Full Engagement, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Switch & The Happiness Hypothesis. So much great reading in there!

My favourite show can now be watched online: ICONOCLASTS!

Mindy took my Happiness Is Simple post & used it as the basis for Wedding Options Overload = A Bride’s Worst Enemy (and How to Conquer It)!

Would you go to the Hello Kitty beauty spa?

Of course, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what Kat said about wedding weight loss pressure.

TV boosts self-esteem! …If you’re white & male. Yuck.

Um… Puppy mermaid!

Hey! I love MarieBelle too! If you’re in NYC, you need — NEED! — to visit.

Miss Maurice’s rainbow origami street art installations are… fantastic.

I love what Leo has to say about radical self love. Of course!

Autumn’s round-up of beauty in the blogosphere is always interesting & even better than that, smart.

The Ways We Don’t Talk About Wealth is an essay from a sex worker who has made almost a million dollars over the last three years. Well, the quotes below are surely enough to draw you in! Fascinating. The last paragraph is especially important.

Witnessing richness usually means witnessing a profound loss of perspective. An infamous study in early 2011 found that 42 percent of American millionaires didn’t “feel” rich. In 2009, it was 46 percent. Back in my 40k days, a friend (also a sex worker) commented to me that she was running out of things to buy. I was too, but that’s because we were both operating on our former 12k-a-year, minimum wage appetites, and those would soon morph into a hunger to match the harvest… It’s well established that as families ascend through income brackets, so too do their tastes and spending habits, meaning that one’s lifestyle always feels more average than extravagant. As wealth accrues, it creates a new normal, again and again as required… As any adolescent girl blacking out the teeth of a Neutrogena-ad model can tell you, being drawn in and repulsed often happens in the same beat. We desire while we resent our desire, despise those we want to imitate.

Betsey & Lulu are cute. I’m excited about their show — are you?

Have a fantastic weekend!