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Lisanne de Jong by Viviane Sassen for Dazed & ConfusedLisanne de Jong by Viviane Sassen for Dazed & Confused.

My buddy Blueprint — excellent rapper & all-round great person — has a blog. You should read it. I loved what he said about Atlantic City & his birthday. He’s such a captivating writer. I especially loved this bit:

For all of my people out there that are pursuing their passion, try to build something that brings you a lifetime of joy. Understand that in a world full of people who may have not been given the opportunity to pursue the things they love – you are an exception, and should therefore cherish that opportunity for as long (or as short) as it may last. Be inspired by all the things you don’t know about your craft, and celebrate the fact that get to try to learn them everyday.

Want to know the lessons Alexandra learned from 12 years of yoga?

Karley’s sex advice is on point. But her site is not safe for work… Or school!

I really enjoyed this conversation with Jeanette Maw about manifesting!

You guys! Check out this great vacation rental! (Hahaha.)

HOUSE RULES: — There is no breathing in my apartment, as I am very allergic. You may breathe on the back patio. — Ignore the screams coming from inside the clothing hamper. — The pillows are only for show. — By agreement with my downstairs neighbor, please do not walk on the floor. — Do not call police for any reason. — Place all trash in your luggage. — Ignore the hobos.

Rachel wrote about women hiring male escorts.

Oh man, this is the funniest Tumblr I’ve seen in a while: Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Is it more difficult making friends as an adult? What do you think?

Sarah’s in Greece right now & clearly it agrees with her. Her most recent piece on rising above suffering is excellent.

I don’t know if you’re all as fascinated by the weirdness of Scientology as I am, but if you are, you’ve gotta read this article: Tom Cruise Was Supposed to Save Scientology, But Will He Bring About Its Downfall? There was a lot in there I didn’t know about, for example, did you know that the Church of Scientology threatened the IRS with so many simultaneous lawsuits that the IRS just gave up & gave them tax-exempt status?! Unbelievable. Also, the comment underneath by THEMESSENGERS1 also really resonated with me. I excerpted a little bit of it below…

When I was in Scientology, Elizabeth Moss’s father said to me “You see that billboard?” He was referring to a massive Sunset Blvd billboard featuring the current “celebrity” of the month’s face. He said “The problem is….these celebritys see themselves on these billboards….. and they buy the hype”. It was a simple statement that within itself sort of covers it all. Scientology appeals to the egos that we all have. As do other religions. People want to think that there is something “special” about them. That they are no ordinary mortals. Scientology has mastered this, or I should say Hubbard mastered this. He was a brilliant( albeit insane )marketing man. He knew what buttons to push and he also knew that the public’s obsession in following celebrity’s lives would facilitate getting his message out.

Are Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert not radical enough? This is a really interesting take on the two comedians, who, the writer claims, should be inciting riots & real change, instead of just laughs. I think he may be expecting a little too much from comedians, but I do see his point. The comments are good, too.

My inner nerd adored this article about the proper use of semicolons.

Don’t these Instagram photos of the USA make you want to road-trip like mad?!

If you want to use Kickstarter for a project — or you’re just idly interested in statistics — this analysis of which projects succeed & which fail is a must-read.

Here are Lifehacker’s best iPhone apps.

Jordan wrote a guide to buying your first house & it is quite sane & excellent. Also, I love Jordan!

This piece from the New York Times investigates the ways in which India influences fashion & beauty.

I’m totally fascinated by this list of the 10 weirdest beauty pageants… Though really, beauty pageants are pretty bizarre in & of themselves.

Lush is going to start doing make-up! Fun!

This speech by Sera Beak is about 20 minutes long, but completely worth it. Watch! Okay?!

I really love Kris Carr. I love her even more when she talks BIDNESS!

Stories of New York characters.

I’m Kusama crazy!

This is a delicious summary of Yayoi’s work.

Have a wonderful weekend… Do something you’ve never done before!