How To Celebrate The Pink Moon

Happy Tuesday, bunny! Tonight is a glorious Full Moon in Libra, known as the Pink Moon. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and art, so it’s a delicious one to celebrate if you’re at all interested in cultivating more love or creativity in your life! I’m on the cusp of releasing my new book about dating and romance into the world, so you better believe this is one I’m prioritizing!

Here are some ideas…


If you already have an altar in your home, I recommend taking everything off, giving it a good clean, and starting fresh. Only put back the items that really matter to you, and are in alignment with your current goals! I’m giving my altar a whole refresh which includes a hot pink sequin cloth, a heart-shaped neon sign, and an iridescent heart-shaped dish to hold little crystals. (YAY!) If you want ideas for how to decorate, you could make it pretty with fresh flowers (especially pink or red ones), candles dedicated to a certain mission (see below), crystals, art, special tarot cards, statues, love letters, or a handwritten list of what you’re manifesting!

If you don’t have an altar yet, you might also like to check out my post, Flowers, Crystals And Sacred Spaces: How To Create An Altar.


Carved candles are a way of focusing your intention. They speed up manifestations (a LOT) and every time you see it (or light it), you’ll be reminded of what you want. Carving a candle is an excellent activity for a magical moon like this. It’s relaxing, fun, and you’ll end up with something really pretty at the end!

You will want a candle, some essential oil, an object to carve with (you can use the end of a pen or a chopstick), and ideally, some glitter! You can create your own sigil or write a word into the side of the candle, which superpowers it with your intention. Then you anoint it with oil, and rub it with glitter! Fabulous. Here’s an easy video that shows you how to do it. Put it on your altar, and enjoy.


There are so many ways to do magic, and in my opinion, all of them are correct. If decorating an altar or carving a candle are not your speed — or if they are and you just want more oomph! — why not dance your manifestations?! Put on your favorite song, think about what you want to bring into your life, and dance the way you want to feel! Focus on what it will feel like once that thing is in your life. Dance with your whole body, be joyful, and get yourself into energetic resonance with what you want!


Looking for love? Today is a great day to jump on those dating apps, refresh your profile, or even tell a few friends that you’re in the market for your next great swoon! Want to get your creativity out there? Post it online, share something on your blog, and let people know what you’re all about! Fortune favors the bold, after all, and this is a beautiful day to make magic and let miracles come your way.


Look, we’re all at home anyway, so why not turn your love nest into a place you really enjoy being? Clean it up, hang some new art (or switch around your existing pieces), and let the fresh air in. Want to attract good things into your life? Be sure to clean your front door, and wipe it down with one of your favorite essential oils! Make it easy for those good things to find you!


Feeling good is your job, as you know, and Libra really knows how to do this to maximum capacity. Take a shower, wash your hair, put on some lipstick, and change into your softest, most happy-making clothes. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean glamor is cancelled! It isn’t! Why not wear something that makes you feel beautiful? After all, this moon practically demands it!

Happy Full Moon…

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