Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Betsey Johnson… & ME!

Betsey Johnson

Valentine’s Day is always my favourite day of New York Fashion Week, & not because I plan on receiving chocolates, flowers, or gifts from my many admirers! No–it’s because Valentine’s Day is always the day Betsey Johnson has her show!

We all know how much I love Betsey. Her designs are wonderful, whimsical & wicked; fun, flirty & fruity; divine, decadent & depraved! She is my absolute, #1, hands down, favourite designer! So you can imagine the amount of excitement I always feel over her show!

The thing is, tickets to Betsey’s show are coveted & highly sought-after. You usually have to be one of the extremely privileged few to get an eyeful of her latest creations… but not this time!

This year, her entire show is streaming online at BetseyJohnson.com–& you’re invited to watch! Grab a bottle of champagne, invite your friends over, gather around the warm glow of the computer screen & celebrate!

I am perhaps a little biased when I say that you should watch the livestream. Why? Because I’m involved with the show! I can’t tell you any more about it right now, but trust me when I say, YES I will be there, YES you will see me on the livestream, & YES I am having heart palpitations right now as I tell you about it!

Last year’s show! Get excited!

The show starts at 6pm EST–an hour from now–but I think the livestream will begin a little earlier than that. Be sure to tune in & let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together, virtually!

I love you, always! Happy Valentine’s Day!