Central Park Zoo On A Fine Summer’s Day…

Central Park Zoo On A Fine Summer's Day...

The Central Park Zoo is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially when you’re hanging out with your friends from Britain!

Last weekend was a scorcher, & after a decadent brunch at Saxon + Parole, Kat, Gareth & I hailed a cab to Central Park for an adventure. We had a horse-drawn carriage ride around the park (our horse’s name was Socks), before braving the zoo, then sat down for a well-deserved ice-cream at Dylan’s Candy Bar. (The ensuing sugar rush was one for the books!) The perfect day, je crois!

It was so much fun having Kat in town, & even better to play tourist in my favourite city! I definitely recommend it to anyone feeling dissatisfied or stuck in their own hometown. There’s always something to discover, & a new way of looking at things can be just around the corner!

We loved going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… How about you, you, you?!

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