Cherry On Top: Baby Carriages & Planned Parenthood

Georges AntoniPhoto by Georges Antoni.

I received the email below from Lauren on Saturday & I agree with her 100%. In the USA, Congress is planning to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, which would have DIRE consequences. I know the economy sucks, & they have to pull money from somewhere, but when Congress is still supporting NASCAR, this is something I can absolutely not get behind.

From Lauren: Gala, I am in no way affiliated with Planned Parenthood; I am simply a concerned and loyal reader of your blog who has benefited greatly from Planned Parenthood in the past. I think this issue is of critical importance to your readers. I think of all the women who read your blog and count on Planned Parenthood to provide sexual healthcare. When I became sexually active as a teenager, they provided me condoms and birth control, as well as counseling on sexual health. If it wasn’t for them, I could have become pregnant or contract STDs. Thankfully, I never became pregnant. I never had to have an abortion. I never had to choose between having an abortion or giving up college to raise a child. I never had to face a deadly STD. I cringe to think that other women won’t have that same benefit. If Planned Parenthood is defunded, undoubtedly more young women will have to make these hard choices. Undoubtedly more young women will be facing the lifelong consequences of not having access to adequate preventive sexual health care.

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Thanks for listening & for supporting the rights of women to breast & cervical cancer screening, affordable medical care, contraception, advice & information.