Cherry On Top

Fear & Loathing

I decided to eat only half at first.
Good thinking. But I spilled the
rest on the sleeve of my red
Pendleton shirt.

DUKE stares at his sleeve, uncertain what to do. C/U of the
door to the men’s room as a MUSICIAN enters speaking in

What’s the trouble?

(also in slow-motion)
Well, all this white stuff on my
sleeve is LSD.

The MUSICIAN approaches and looks down at DUKE’S arm. A
long pause.

Cut back to tight shot of door as it opens and a very clean-
cut, PREPPY, STOCKBROKER TYPE enters. He freezes in horror.
We cut to his POV. DUKE is standing in the middle of the
men’s room with the MUSICIAN hunkered down at his side…
sucking on his sleeve. A very gross tableau. The
STOCKBROKER slowly eases out of the room.

With a bit of luck his life was
ruined — forever thinking that
just behind some narrow door in all
his favorite bars, men in red
Pendleton shirts are getting
incredible kicks from things he’ll
never know.

Things to do on a Sunday: Read & watch Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

“Would he dare to suck a sleeve? Probably not. Play it safe. Pretend you never saw it.”